I’ve never been one to gloat, BUT WHAT A DAY TO BE A CLEVELAND BROWNS FAN!

I went to the game with my best friend Alex, who is a die hard Browns fan and never had been to a game before. There are few better first games to go to than Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh on a Thursday night under the lights at First Energy Stadium.

Before the game we went to Butcher and the Brewer to pregame (my family owns the bar, check it out sometime if you are in Cleveland.)

We had quite a few to drink and walked on over to the stadium, and you could feel something different about the atmosphere walking to the stadium. It was anticipation of excitement, not that typical, “mistake on the lake” mentality that too many people in this city have.

Fast forward to the fourth quarter, and the Browns were up 14-7. Canton bound Joe Schobert (after last night’s game) intercepted a terrible Mason Rudolph pass and took it back to the five yard line.

The Browns, in typical Browns fashion, stalled in the red zone and we found ourselves with a third and goal from our own 15 yard line. Baker almost got sacked, but escaped and threw a dart to the end zone to a guy, who I had never heard of until they put his name up on the scoreboard.

And then Mason Rudolph pulled one of the most chicken shit moves I have ever seen on a football field, trying to rip Myles Garrett helmet off while he was defenseless, on the ground, and could have been seriously injured by the malicious assault on him. Myles, in self defense, smashed Rudolph over the head with Rudolph’s own helmet LIKE A MAN.

I was drunkenly yelling at Steelers fans that they killed Jeffery Epstein on the way out of the stadium. It was a GREAT night to be a Cleveland Brown. Onto the next one, 10-6 here we come!

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