Houston, They Have A Problem

Obviously, you heard by now about the swirling allegations against the Houston Astros and illegally stealing signs.

This story has been very dynamic with more information being added by the day so this blog may be obsolete by the time it reaches your eyes. But I have some thoughts to share…

I am all for stealing signs. It is part of the game. It’s why players look silly covering their mouths with gloves and catchers throwing all sorts of fingers down to call pitches.

But when technology is involved that’s when it becomes cheating. And we have seen that more than once in the last few years. The Red Sox with their Apple Watches and now the Astros with their camera in centerfield and banging trash can.

The MLB is going to investigate this matter fully and it is important to note that the Athletic article mentioned that electronic sign stealing is not a single-team issue. The Astros are just in the forefront of this right now and a lot of this is because of the evidence and statement by Mike Fiers.

Looking at the numbers and hard evidence, it is hard not to see any wrongdoing by the Astros here.

Look at these postseason home & away splits:

And this evidence that is VERY damning…

In addition to Met’s new Manager Carlos Beltran, former Astros bench coach and now Red Sox Manager Alex Cora is implicated in this. As the investigation continues, I think this is only going to get messier as this issue runs much deeper than Houston.

As more information comes out, something I don’t want is whataboutism. “Yeah the Astros did that, but look at the rule that {Insert other team} broke. Everyone is doing something to gain an illegal advantage.”

Whataboutism is so lazy and turns us into neanderthals.

Another thing I don’t want, this situation to be handled in the same way as the Cardinals hacking into the Astros database situation from a few years ago. The Cardinals got off easy here and I feel like this incident was swept under the rug by throwing their former scouting director under the bus. The Cardinals committed corporate espionage (something they may still be benefitting from today) and the team only had to give the Astros $2 million dollars and two draft picks. Weak!

What I want is this: heads to roll.

The league has already established a precedent of severely punishing players for gaining unfair advantages (steroids). In my eyes, illegally informing a batter whether an offspeed pitch is coming or not is not too far off from the advantage that comes with doing steroids.

Don’t take away the World Series or wins, but I want heavy suspensions for the players and coaches involved.

Personally, I found this punishment particularly appropriate and humorous:

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