Drown them out.

When you think Seattle, you probably think of the constant rain and drizzly weather. Or perhaps the Seahawks. Which you shouldn’t.

Why? Cause I said so.

Coming down in Seattle…

I think their branding is absolutely perfect for where they are located. Their catchphrase is pretty sweet too, not gonna lie. I like to think it’s not just because of their branding, but also to drown out all the criticism (if there are any) and focus on the game. I love that, completely. Everyone is so quick to crucify and judge you, drown them out.

Their roster looks SOLID too:

  • Apathy
  • Karma
  • Octane
  • Enable
  • Slacked

Oh my I love this roster. Karma is a GOD, Octane is one of the filthiest AR players in the game, Enable came from Halo, so by default I love him, Apathy and Slacked are both solid players to round the roster out.

Octane and Enable are coming from 100 Thieves, and they both were at the top of their game come the end of Black Ops 4. I don’t think anyone could have been a better AR by the end than Octane. He was tearing it UP. I haven’t watched many streams with these players, I usually watch Scump or Nadeshot, but I don’t have any doubt that they’ll be a top 3 team coming out the gate.

I think their biggest competition will be Dallas. From what I’ve seen, Dallas has been winning almost any tournament they’ve been in, which is wild. This is of course over the internet though, it could be a whole different ballgame come LAN. Let’s hop it is to make things more spicy.

Good luck to Seattle and #DrownThemOut.


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