11 Matchups That Get Me Hyped For The Rest Of The Season

There have been several great and exciting games so far this season and it’s hard to believe there are only eight weeks left of the regular season. Luckily for us, this stretch of the NFL season is where things really get fun. The league takes shape as we have battles for division titles, playoffs byes, and surging teams making runs for wild card berths.

Looking at the final eight weeks of games, there are several matchups that really catch my eye. Take a look at the 11 games that get me SUPER hyped for the remainder of the season…the other games just get me an above average amount of hyped.

Seahawks at 49ers, Monday November 11th (8:15 PM)

It’s obvious that NFL schedule-makers don’t prioritize Monday Night Football matchups. If they would have known how each of these teams would have started, this game surely would be slated for Sunday night.

This is the first matchup between these two squads atop the NFC West. It will be fun watching MVP candidate Russell Wilson work his way through the San Francisco defense. The result of this game will set the tone for the landscape of the division. A San Fran win gives them a 2.5 game lead in the division. While a loss means that Seattle is only half a game out of first.

Patriots at Eagles, Sunday, November 17 (4:25 PM)

Super Bowl rematch. Both of these teams have will be coming off a bye week so there is extra time for preparation. What are the odds that there will be a Philly Special trick play?

How will the Patriots respond after losing their first game of the year? A win for the Eagles would be a huge step in legitimizing their playoff chances. I feel like the Eagles are too weak at receiver to move the ball against the Pats, but I remember last time I counted Philly out against New England…

Cowboys at Patriots, Sunday November 24 (4:25 PM)

The Patriots have given up 369 rushing yards in the last two games. What can Zeke Elliott do against the Pats? More importantly, can Dak Prescott performance against whatever Bill Belichick throws his way. Dak’s performance this game will go a long way in determining his future contract.

Packers at 49ers, Sunday November 24 (4:25 PM)

Where things stand now, the race for byes in the NFC is between the Niners, Saints and Packers. Just like the Seahawks/Niners game, it will be fun to see a fully healthy and loaded Packers offense against the Niners defense. The winner of this game has a great chance in securing a bye for the playoffs.

Ravens at Rams, Monday November 25 (8:15 PM)

The Marcus Peters Bowl. We get gifted another solid MNF matchup right before Thanksgiving. Last year on this day, we saw the epic game between the Rams and the Chiefs. Now we get the Rams same firepower going against Lamar Jackson. This will be good.

**The stretch of football over November 21-25 is ABSURD. Colts at Texans on Thursday night for the lead in the AFC South. PSU at OSU on Saturday. The three games above and the Seahawks in Philly for Sunday Night Football.**

Patriots at Texans, Sunday December 1 (8:20 PM)

This will be a fun one. I am curious to see how Watson plays against the NE defense. A solid performance by the Texans Sunday night on primetime television would send a big message to the AFC and beyond.

49ers at Saints, Sunday December 8 (1:00 PM)

I have high hopes for this game. Two of the best offensive minded coaches in the league. Brees, Kamara, and Thomas going against the Niners defense. The Superdome. Potentially all for the drivers seat for the overall number one seed. This one has the same vibes of the regular season matchup last year between the Rams and Saints. Could be a preview of the NFC title game.

Chiefs at Patriots, Sunday December 8 (4:25 PM)

We are spoiled that we get the Niners/Saints game in the 1 PM slot (for now) and then this game at 4:25 PM. The last two games between these two squads have been instant classics. It will be fun to see how on earth they follow those two games up.

Bills at Steelers, Sunday December 15 (1:00 PM)

December football at Heinz Field hits different. The ground is brown. The sky is cold. Black and Gold everywhere. There could be snow. Some bias here by putting this game in this list of 11, but I am a Steeler fan and this could be a huge game with big Wild Card ramifications. Two of the top five defenses in the league. I sense some ole fashioned football coming.

Cowboys at Eagles, Sunday December 22 (4:25 PM)

Depending on how other games shake out, this game could potentially be for the NFC East crown. This one has a potential Sunday Night flex all over it. The Eagles have lost four straight to the Cowboys, but all of that could be forgotten with a Philly victory. Would be a sweet early Christmas gift to whatever team potentially ends the losers’ season. Another BIG Dak Prescott contract game.

Packers at Vikings, Monday December 23 (8:15 PM)

Aaron Rodgers just breaks the hearts of the other NFC North teams. I am thinking he could have a chance to destroy the whole state of Minnesota in this one. I have a feeling that the Vikings will need a win to stay in the playoff hunt with Primetime Kirk Cousins to rely on. Great MNF matchup to carry us into Christmas Eve.

That’s the list of some of my super intriguing matchups for the remainder of the season. And it’s completely ignoring some potentially impactful Week 17 matchups (LAC at KC, PIT at BAL, SF at SEA) with potential heavy playoff implications on the line.

Happy football, everyone.

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