Beware what comes from the deep…

This team’s branding is hands down my FAVORITE brand that has been announced, and I HIGHLY doubt any other brand will be able to top them. There is no way. Coming from the depths of Florida…

I’ll be honest, when I read the leak that the team would be called the Mutineers, I had seriously low expectations for what kind of branding they could do. Good GOD was I wrong. This logo and color scheme is SICK. I absolutely LOVE the logo, it looks like freaking Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean and it makes me so happy.

Unfortunately, they have not yet announced their confirmed roster, but I couldn’t hold off on showing off this branding because I am passionate AF about it. This is one of the few rosters that has been kept pretty under wraps, which is surprising to say the least.

I DO however, have what I believe is to be the expected roster:

  • Prestinni
  • Frosty
  • Maux
  • Havok
  • Skyz
Image result for florida mutineers

I don’t want to speak on their roster like that as I’m not sure it’s going to pan out that way so I don’t want to be overly wrong.

The only confirmed information we have regarding the roster is that the General Manager for the Mutineers will be one of the most decorated esports player in the history of esports, OGRE2. If you don’t know who OGRE2 and Final Boss is, you were never a fan of esports and we aren’t friend.

OGRE2 came from Reciprocity, who was a surprise team that performed exceptionally well in the CWL last year, so I expect the Mutineers are in good hands with him. This is a short article, as I don’t have a roster to analyze, but like a said before this logo needed to be showcased.

Image result for florida mutineers

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