Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 10


New York Jets (1-7)

Previous Rank: 29


Well it finally happened didn’t it? Old Gang Green lost to the worst team in the NFL, that being the Miami Dolphins. Naturally the Jets drop three spots and take the place of their opposing winners. Darnold was on a role in this one early connecting with Jamison Crowder for a number of yards and a touchdown. However, things went south after that as Darnold threw an interception and was held in check for the rest of the matchup. The Jets will look to bounce back as they take on the New York Giants to see who doesn’t suck worse in the big apple.


Cincinnati Bengals (0-8)

Previous Rank: 31

Syndication: Cincinnati

The Bengals stay put at the number 31 spot after coming off their bye week. Now they have a huge task at hand as they go up against the Baltimore Ravens who just beat the New England Patriots. Plus they start their rookie quarterback Ryan Finley in place of Andy Dalton. This just sounds like a crap sandwich, but the one appetizing option here is that A.J. Green might be able to return. Still they face a Ravens defense who did very well at beating out Tom Brady. Things don’t look well for the Bengals this week.


Miami Dolphins (1-7)

Previous Rank: 32

NFL: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins

Well I’ll be damned. The Dolphins actually won a game. This however will probably be maybe the only game the Dolphins actually win because it was against the New York Jets and they are a dumpster fire and a half. Fitzpatrick looked really good here throwing nearly 300 yards and three touchdowns. However, their starting running back Mark Walton just got suspended and their team is still trash. They get the Colts this week so they better learn how to stop a backup because they haven’t been good against other teams so far this year.


Washington Redskins (1-8)

Previous Rank: 30


The Redskins rise a spot, but don’t let that fool you. This team is still garbage. They only rose a spot because Miami won a a game. The offense and defense literally couldn’t get anything going in this game as the team had to settle for field goals and they couldn’t stop Josh Allen through the air or Devin Singletary on the ground. Dwayne Haskins was a train wreck going up against this Buffalo defense. He didn’t throw a pick, but he only threw for 144 total yards. The team now enters their bye week.


Atlanta Falcons (1-7)

Previous Rank: 28


The Falcons will hope to do something about their crap season coming off their bye week. Dan Quinn is most likely going to be fired unless this team can turn it around. This week it will be hard for them to do that though as they will go up against the very powerful New Orleans Saints. With Matt Ryan mostly healed up after sitting a game and the bye week let’s hope he can muster something up with receiving core he has with Jones, Ridley and Hooper.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-6)

Previous Rank: 27


This one was a shoot out and a half. However, the Bucs couldn’t muster a win against the Seahawks and they stay put in the rankings. The defense was atrocious in this game letting Russell Wilson throw nearly 400 yards and five touchdown passes. Winston did well here with two touchdown passes and over 300 yards passing, but he still lost a fumble adding another turnover to his endless list. This team will look to get back on track when they face the Arizona Cardinals this week.


Cleveland Browns (2-6)

Previous Rank: 25

Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos

Well this was just bad. The Browns lost to the Broncos with Brandon Allen making his first start in the NFL. Baker was better than average here as he didn’t throw an interception and kept his cool, but he still struggled to get anything going here for the offense. If you are honestly looking for something to be blamed here then it is the defense. They let Allen get two touchdowns and one of them went to rookie tight end Noah Fant for 75 yards. This team now has a bigger challenge ahead against the 6-2 Buffalo Bills.


New York Giants (2-7)

Previous Rank: 24


The Giants drop a spot after their second loss to the Cowboys this season. Daniel Jones looked to be doing well until he got intercepted and fumbled the ball at the end of the game. Barkley was virtually contained which is crazy, aside from his long pass he caught for some yards and he led the team in receiving yards as well. The Giants might have a chance to bounce back though as they face a Jets team that just lost to the Miami Dolphins last week.


Denver Broncos (3-6)

Previous Rank: 26


The Denver Broncos beat the Cleveland Browns last weekend and rise two spots in the power rankings. Allen didn’t do anything special, but he also didn’t do horrible against this Browns defense either. The run game was iffy since the Browns have a terrible run defense, but Lindsay still got a touchdown so that makes up for and the defense did an okay job of covering Mayfield. The Broncos now look to their bye week to come up with something good for the upcoming opponents.


Chicago Bears (3-5)

Previous Rank: 19

NFL: Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles

Are the Bears bad this year or what? I picked these guys to either win or finish in a close second in the division and here they sit in last place. Wow. They were complete garbage in the first half against the Eagles and finally found some success on the ground with David Montgomery scoring two rushing touchdowns. Their “stellar” defense has been pathetic this season and now they go to face the Detroit Lions who just lost to the Oakland Raiders. Stafford will be enraged in this one let me tell you that.


Arizona Cardinals (3-5-1)

Previous Rank: 23

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals

Even though they lost last week, I will move the Arizona Cardinals up one spot for two main reasons. One, Kenyan Drake was an absolute stud last week in his first game with the red birds tallying 110 rushing yards, 52 receiving yards and a rushing touchdown. Two, Kyler Murray played phenomenal and even connected with rookie Andy Isabella on an 88 yard touchdown pass. He was amazing against this stout 49ers defense. Now, they look to this week against the Buccaneers who just had Russell Wilson throw five touchdowns against them.


Tennessee Titans (4-5)

Previous Rank: 20


The Titans drop a spot after coming up short against the Carolina Panthers last weekend. Ryan Tannehill had a touchdown and two interceptions in this game while Derrick Henry managed to run for 63 yards and a rushing touchdown and scored through the air too. The Titans just could not stop Christian McCaffrey though and it is not their fault because he is freaking CHRISTIAN MCCAFFREY. The now get a matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs who looked good coming off their win against Minnesota.


Detroit Lions (3-4-1)

Previous Rank: 18


The Lions drop two spots after losing to the Oakland Raiders last weekend. Stafford played amazingly with three touchdown passes and one interception. He honestly should have had another one, but crappy play calling threw a third string tight end as his main target on the last play. Their defense continued to fail to stop the run though and Derek Carr didn’t have a bad game through the air either. Now the Lions go and play the Chicago Bears and while their offense and defense haven’t been great, they will have to find a way to stop David Montgomery.


Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5)

Previous Rank: 15


This was an ugly one for Jacksonville and they drop four spots because of it, but London tends to work its magic in many ways. I’m afraid, the mustache magic is over though as Gardner Minshew threw two interceptions and fumbled the ball away. Now, Nick Foles will take over his starting role after his injury in week one’s game after their bye week this week. Gardner Minshew had a great start, but now the young calf takes a back seat to the old bull.


Oakland Raiders (4-4)

Previous Rank: 22


The Raiders move up four spots after their win against Detroit last weekend. Let’s talk about Josh Jacobs because man he was great in this one. He had 28 carries for 120 yards and two touchdowns in this game against the Lions and that was without offensive tackle Trent Brown playing for most of it. Derek Carr also found success through the air with 289 yards and two touchdowns. Their defense needs some work as they let Stafford throw three touchdown passes. This week the Raiders will go up against the Los Angeles Chargers.


Los Angeles Chargers (4-5)

Previous Rank: 21

Packers Chargers Football

Speaking of the Chargers, they move up four spots as well after coming away with a huge victory over the Green Bay Packers last weekend. This was an absolute stunner performance by their defense, holding Rodgers and the Packers to just 11 points. Their offense did well too with Gordon and Ekeler commanding the run game and Rivers passing when he needed to. The Chargers will look to keep this momentum going when they face the Oakland Raiders this week.


Indianapolis Colts (5-3)

Previous Rank: 11


The Colts drop five spots after their loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This may seem harsh, but it was for a number of reasons. One, Jacoby Brissett went down with an ankle sprain and Brian Hoyer was put in as quarterback. He did well against the Steelers, but he isn’t Brissett and will eventually crumble under the pressure. Two, Adam Vinateri lost them the game when he completely shanked a potential game winning field goal. His season is a roller coaster this year and it is starting to affect the Colts. This week the Colts will get a nice relief when they take on the Miami Dolphins.


Pittsburgh Steelers (4-4)

Previous Rank: 17


Anybody wanna tell me again why this trade for Minkah Fitzpatrick was bad? Didn’t think so. The kid helped the Steelers this week in their win against the Colts by intercepting Brian Hoyer and taking it to the house for a 96 yard pick six. The defense looked suspect at times as Brian Hoyer still threw for three touchdowns. The offense did alright here with Rudolph finding Vance McDonald in the endzone for his lone touchdown pass. Rudolph relied on Jaylen Samuels a lot in this game too as he caught 13 passes from him. This team has a huge challenge this week though as they face the Los Angeles Rams.


Carolina Panthers (5-3)

Previous Rank: 16


The Panthers move up two spots after their win against the Tennessee Titans last weekend. Kyle Allen will now remain the starter for the rest of the season as the Panthers decided to put Cam Newton on injured reserve to figure out his foot issues. He will be good, but not great in my mind. This will continue to be McCaffrey’s team though as he had three total touchdowns on the day. The defense needs to be better even though they intercepted Ryan Tannehill twice. This week they got to think on that note as they take on the Green Bay Packers.


Philadelphia Eagles (5-4)

Previous Rank: 14


The Eagles soar up one spot after they knocked off the Bears last weekend. It is crazy how their defense only allowed one first down all first half and it was on a penalty. Who knows if the Bears are just that bad or the Eagles defense has been boosted. Carson Wentz got back on track connecting with Zach Ertz as he had nine receptions for 103 yards and a touchdown. The bad news is they lost their so called star receiver DeSean Jackson for the season. Now they go on bye in preparation for the weeks ahead.


Dallas Cowboys (5-3)

Previous Rank: 13


This one almost went the other way at the beginning, but it took the Cowboys letting up a touchdown to the Giants to get back into this game and they move up one spot because of it. Prescott tossed three touchdowns and Zeke ran for over 100 yards. Their defense also intercepted Daniel Jones and got a fumble touchdown off of him as well. The Cowboys will now look to this week as they take on the Vikings Sunday night.


Los Angeles Rams (5-3)

Previous Rank: 10

Rams Saints Football

The Rams drop one spot due to them being on bye. Now they come back and face the Pittsburgh Steelers whose defense has been incredible since week three. Goff will look to use Gurley and Kupp to try to get them their sixth win of the season. The defense will try to expose Mason Rudolph and you can bet your bottom dollar that Jalen Ramsey will be huge in this one. I can’t wait to go to this game this weekend. It’s gonna be a blast.


Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)

Previous Rank: 12

Minnesota Vikings v Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs move up two spots and head back into the top ten with a win over the Minnesota Vikings last weekend. Matt Moore carved this defense up with 275 yards and a touchdown while Damien Williams found success on the ground with 125 yards and a rushing score. The defense might have let up three touchdowns to Cousins, but they took his playmakers away and tried to expose him. The Chiefs face the Titans this week and their starting quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a chance to return this weekend which is also a nice thing to see out of them.


Buffalo Bills (6-2)

Previous Rank: 9

NFL: Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills

Devin Singletary is finally here ladies and gentlemen. The rookie running back posted his best numbers of the season with 95 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown and also had 45 yards receiving. Josh Allen had a good day as well throwing and running in for a touchdown giving him two on the day. The defense didn’t need to do much as they had to cover rookie quarterback Dwayne Haskins and the team settled for three field goals. This week they get the Cleveland Browns.


Minnesota Vikings (6-3)

Previous Rank: 5


Minnesota drops three spots after their loss to the Chiefs last weekend. Kirk Cousins threw three touchdown passes, but his playmaker Steffon Diggs virtually had nothing on the day and Adam Thielen got injured again. The Vikings have to find an answer to their defensive struggles though or it will be game over for them. This week is a prime time matchup with Dallas and we all know how well Cousins does in those.


Houston Texans (6-3)

Previous Rank: 8


The Texans move up one spot after dominating the Jaguars in London last weekend. When I say dominated I mean they won 26-3 dominating. This was an all out battle against Gardner Minshew who struggled in his London debut. The defense was gashed by Watson who threw for 201 yards and had two touchdowns while running back Carlos Hyde ran for 160 yards. The Texans will look to find some more success in their offense heavy team in weeks to come. However, they go on bye this week to look over some things.


Green Bay Packers (7-2)

Previous Rank: 4


This was unexpected. The Packers drop two spots after a huge loss of momentum against the Los Angeles Chargers. The Packers were limited to just about 50 some yards in total in the first half. That is with Aaron Rodgers. That is with Aaron Jones. That is with Davante Adams back. This was not a good showing for Green Bay. They will have to go back to the drawing board this week when they take on the Carolina Panthers.


Seattle Seahawks (7-2)

Previous Rank: 6


Russell Wilson is my MVP candidate. The kid is just incredible and if he continues to play like he did last week against the Bucs then he will keep making my statement a reality. He leads the league with 22 touchdowns and one pick and had five passing touchdowns in this game. Metcalf, Lockett and even their tight end Hollister got in some looks. This offense is astounding and it is going to need to be when they go up against the only undefeated team left in the NFL; the San Francisco 49ers.


Baltimore Ravens (6-2)

Previous Rank: 7

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens beat the New England Patriots. That’s right. That sentence just left my mouth. My jaw dropped watching this game as the Ravens put on a clinic early against the Patriots. At one point they were winning 17-0. Jackson was astonishing to say the least in this game throwing for one touchdown and running in for two more. The Ravens head the AFC North and might stay that there depending on how well they play. This week they go up against the Cincinnati Bengals.


New England Patriots (8-1)

Previous Rank: 1

NFL: New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens

For the first time all season, the New England Patriots drop two spots after losing to the Baltimore Ravens last weekend. The Patriots were overwhelmed by the rushing attack of the Ravens with Jackson and Ingram and just could not find an answer to solve that puzzling problem. Brady threw a touchdown and got intercepted against a defense that looked like they were going to kill him this game. The Patriots will look to find answers and get back on the track of winning after their bye week this week.


New Orleans Saints (7-1)

Previous Rank: 3

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at New Orleans Saints

The Saints move up a spot coming off their bye week. With Drew Brees back in the fold at quarterback it will be hard for any team to knock them off their rocker this season. Brees is healthy and dominated when he played at Arizona two weeks ago. He will look to have that same spark with Kamara and Thomas this week when they go up against the Atlanta Falcons who have had awful defensive problems since the start of the season.


San Francisco 49ers (8-0)

Previous Rank: 2


The 49ers take the number one spot this week on the power rankings and are now the only undefeated team left in the NFL this season. Jimmy G lit it up against the Cardinals with four touchdown passes as the defense and run game fell short in this one. I expect both of those things to get back into the swing of things, but it will be tough when their next matchup comes to us on Monday night when they go up against their divisional rival; the Seattle Seahawks.

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