When Will The Browns Finally Fire Freddie Kitchens?

Being a Cleveland sports fan, my expectation with any of our beloved sports teams is to never have expectations. Even though I am 23 years old, being a Cleveland sports fan has taken years off of my life. I have experienced the highs, such as the Cavaliers winning the NBA title in 2016, and I have also experienced the lows, such as having to watch the Bad News Browns growing up.

But this year was going to be different. With some massive talent recruitment in the off-season (namely Odell Beckham Jr.), it looked like the new Browns were going to be a forced to be reckoned with. At the very least, they were going to be better than we were the last few seasons.

But instead of being the “genius” that Jimmy Haslam claimed him to be when he hired him as head coach, Kitchens has looked more like the “Make-A-Wish” coach than an actual NFL coach.

From his undeniably stupid challenges, his horrendous play calling, and constantly blaming himself for everything, I think it is time that we see the end of Freddie in Cleveland.

There were rumors that Dee Haslam was so mad at the display against the Seahawks at home which saw utter offensive capitulation, that she told her husband Jimmy that Freddie, “has to go.”

Each and every week, it gets worse and worse. He used the excuse this week of, “I don’t teach them how to get penalties” when asked why his team gets so many penalties.



You may not be teaching them penalties out there on the field, but this team looked WAY sharper under Gregg Williams than it does right now. There is no excuse for getting over ten penalties in FIVE of the games that you have played this year, including a franchise record of 17 in the season opener.

I think Freddie is a brilliant offensive coordinator, but I think he is in way over his head. If he doesn’t turn the play calling over to Monken soon, Freddie may be on the unemployment list shortly.

I am not giving up on him yet, but I think he is on a very tight leash by Dorsey and the Haslams right now. If he loses next weekend in Denver (which he shouldn’t considering Flacco is out against us), I fully expect him to get the can.

The same ol’ Browns are back!

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