This weekend, Saturday to be specific, the long awaited announcement of FaZe Clan’s COD League team happened. Initially, I wasn’t overly fond of the name that was leaked. After seeing the logo and the announcement video…big ol’ change of heart. I present to you……


*applause clapping cheering etc*

Jokes aside, the team and branding is actually sick. It incorporates the OG FaZe logo but with a solid twist to differentiate it from the FaZe brand just a bit. It makes it it’s own, yet still recognizable.

Image result for faze logo

Branding aside, let’s take a gander at their team:

  • aBeZy
  • Simp
  • Cellium
  • majormaniak
  • Priestahh

Oh DAYUM, FaZe didn’t hold back. aBezy, Cellium and majormaniak are all incredibly good, consistent players. A foundation ANYONE could build a team around. The highlights of this roster come from the other two though, to be honest.

Priestahh used to be on FaZe Clan, and technically never left. When FaZe failed to qualify for the COD Pro League last year, he was given on loan over to 100 Thieves. That loan paid off wonders for the Thieves, as he was one of the driving factors for their two championships last year, playing out of his MIND the whole year.

Simp…honestly Simp is the young god. This kid just this past year became old enough to compete in the league, and when he started, he came out guns blazing.

Related image

Having been moved to the starting roster to replace Jkap for EUnited, they went on to win CWL Miami as well as the World Championship as well. They kid is an absolute filthy phenom, and is going to be a massive factor for Atlanta. Between Simp and Priestahh, they have the all stars needed to boost their solid foundation into elite status.

I can’t stress this enough, the rosters, announcements, brandings, all of it. It’s all leading up to a PHENOMENAL first season for the COD League, I can already tell.


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