NCAA Did Something Right!

LETS GOOOOOOOO! The NCAA ruled today that collegiate athletes are now allowed to make money off of their own likeness, a move that should have happened the second the NCAA started raking in the cash they do.

I mean….this is the biggest case of a “aahhh duh” moment in sports history, right? This has always stayed with me throughout the years. Back in 2013, news broke that if you googled “manziel” in the NCAA shop, a “generic” #2 Texas A&M jersey would pop up!

Look, I know there are issues on the horizon with this that we can not forsee, but telling a kid that they can’t sign an auto graph or have themselves be in a video game (NUDGE NUDGE NCAA FOOTBALL IS BACK RIGHT?!?!) is just wild to me.

In an article published by our overlords at ESPN, this was a unanimous decision for athletes favor. This makes complete sense, and for the NCAA to get out in front of it and try to put guidelines in exactly how the money will be made. I know people will say “But Deke, there are terrible people who will try to exploit these kids” and that’s obvious….but I would much rather it be a transparent situation like this then have these kids get screwed over down the road for trying to put food on a table. Plus, if you’re really going to trust guys that look like this, you need guidance anyways.

Image result for state farm agent commercial

Let the kids be paid for their faces and names. Also, let me buy a jersey with “Decoldest ToEvaDoIt Crawford” on the back. Yes, I want the whole name on that LSU jersey.

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