Give Chase Young the Heisman Now

The debate is over, Chase Young is the best player in the country, and it isn’t even close.

Heading into Saturday’s game against 13th ranked Wisconsin, all the talk in the Heisman race was about three players: Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovialova, and Jalen Hurts. Nowhere to be seen was Chase Young, or any of the other Ohio State players for that matter.

But that didn’t matter to Ohio State. It was their true first test of the season, and everyone wanted to see what this Ohio State team was about.

And boy, did Ohio State show the country what they were all about. Not only was it certain to anyone with eyes watching that they have the best player in the country in Chase Young, but they might have the three best players in the country in Young, Fields and Dobbins.

Ohio State dismantled the best defense in college football with a resounding 38-7 victory over the Badgers, but what was evident to anyone watching the game, is the special player that wears #2 on the defense for the Buckeyes.

I have been a devout college football fan my entire life, and I have been spoiled getting to watch some absolute studs out on the field such as Vince Young, Myles Garrett, Jadevon Clowney, Reggie Bush, Adrian Peterson and Tim Tebow, just to name a few. But I will honestly say this, I have never seen a player in college football than Chase Young.

If you are comparing him to his predecessors, not just at Ohio State, he is still better than everyone. He is better than both Bosa brothers combined, better than Myles Garrett, better than Jadevon Clowney. Teams could come up with a game plan to help stop the Bosa brothers, Clowney and Garrett. But watching now, teams have absolutely no idea how to stop Chase Young. You can put your best offensive lineman on him, and he will run right past him. You double team him with your best blocking tight end and a offensive linemen, he will still run right past you.

His two strip sacks against Wisconsin were the result of his sheer athleticism, proving more and more than he is impossible for opposition offensive lines to block.

Mind you, it also helps that Ohio State may have the best defensive line in the country. But take nothing away from Chase Young, he is the backbone of this team.

Ohio State this year looks like the best team in college football. And come December in New York City, there may be for the first time a 1-2-3 Heisman voting from the boys in scarlet and grey at Ohio State with Fields and Dobbins coming in behind Chase Young. Give Chase Young the Heisman, right now.

Enjoy watching him ladies and gentlemen, you may never see a better college player in your life than Chase Young.

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