Bubba Watson Took The Most Conservative Route on This Shot

Bubba Watson, the very well known “conservative” golfer who once snap hooked a 52 degree wedge 45 yards in a playoff hole at the 2012 Masters to win the tournament, took one of the most conservative routes I have ever seen in golf.

Bubba who was playing in the Zozo Championship in Japan, was well and out of contention to win the title, decided instead of going through the tee markers and laying one up in the fairway on the dogleg right Par 5 6th, Bubba turned laterally, teed it up and smacked a massive dinky fade between the hole sign and two massive pine trees.

This was the very conservative route that Bubba decided to take…

I have hit shots like these, granted, while dicking around at the golf course that I am manager at. I also have 50 plus balls to try it with, and don’t really care what the end result is. NEVER, would I hit a shot like that in a tournament.

Bubba is an immensely talented golfer, often seeing shots like these that no sane person would ever decide to even attempt.

Truly, Bubba golf at its finest.

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