Yu Darvish has Won the World Series!

I don’t think there is a much more polarizing position in sports than the Pitcher in baseball. There are similar that travel from sport to sport that have a position that’s, well..just different. Football has Quarterbacks, Hockey and Soccer have Goalies and even Volleyball has that super weird position where they get to wear a completely different uniform and dive around like a crazy person.

Pitchers though…Pitchers have a direct line to my heart strings. Pitchers aren’t the peak of athletic ability m,ost of the time. I mean sheesh, this man was in the majors for ELEVEN SEASONS!

Pitchers have started to adapt recently with the likes of Shohei Ohtani and Michael Lorenzen, the pitcher position is becoming a hybrid, the same way the in Soccer goalies are now expected to have the talent of a field player.

Two of the biggest names in the Pitching game sparked some hilarious headlines last night in the World Series. Back in April of 2018, Yu Darvish laid down a nice dinger to right field, a hit that clearly should have gotten the Cubs pitcher to third. Yu fell, causing an internet hilarity that is “Pitchers Aren’t Athletes”. Justin Verlander, another famous pitcher in MLB, was quick to tweet at Yu about the incident.

Funny, right? A little Pitcher on Pitcher crime never hurt anybody, right Kyle Crick? For the record, I want a Crick jersey. IF THE TFTB BOYS READ THIS, I WOULD LIKE A CRICK JERSEY AT SOME POINT BEFORE I DIE FOR HIS HEROIC EFFORTS.

Well Justin, karma is a bitch. In the World Series last night, the now Astros pitcher snagged a slow roller headed to third with his bare hand, fell on his back, and well….didn’t really do anything athletic after that (if you call that athletic) and Yu took his shot.

YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! FROM THE TOP ROPE! My man waited 17 months and 23 days to DESTROY Verlander for his take! Thats 544 days! I love this shit man. Baseball just needs to add in completely robotic umps and well be all good to go!

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