The NBA has returned

Here’s your friendly reminder that Dre is hystericall emotional about his fandom and personally, I love it.

But alas, that’s not what this article is about. The NBA is FINALLY back, and last night we got a glimpse of the future of LA, the potential of the young Pelicans and the sure fire understanding that the Raptors are no longer the supreme team in the East (if you didn’t already know).

I liked watching the Raptors play without Leonard. They let some of their other players expand a bit. Not saying that Leonard stunted growth or anything negative, it’s just always interesting to watch a team grow without a “STAR” star. Fred Van YAYEEEET was awesome last night and he kind of has to be. This dude is like, 5’9” right?!

I have some reservations about Siakam being able to take the spotlight that Leonard left. The kid slashes to the lane extremely well, a play that cemented his one season legacy last year. He was shakey early on, but the Raptors do still actually have a great all around team.

On the Pelicans side of the ball, Ball looked decent. I wasn’t this sobbing heart broken kid about the trade, and Ball showed glimpses last night of making the Lakers possibly almost sort of regret the trade. BI on the other hand is still a bum.

Personally, I wasn’t absolutely blown away by the Lakers v Clippers game. Lebrons fade away was a beuhhhht, but in the real scheme of life it seemed like a miss on the hype simply because there was no Paul George.

The Lakers do look a LOT better than I anticipated. I expected some growing pains early on, but McGee had a few nice plays and Danny Green showed his skills having the best opening night of a new Laker ever, passing Kareem.

I’m just happy basketball is back man.

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