Goodbye Optic Gaming. Hello OGLA!

With the end of Black Ops 4, the end of Optic Gaming as we know it came about. With Hecz out and the Greenwall collapsing, the hopes for Optic to maintain it’s identity disappeared. It genuinely became a meme for the competitive scene, Immortals Optic being the butt of many jokes.

Well, to make matters worse. Crimsix, a former member of the last iteration of Hecz’s Optic, came out with fighting words for his old team after there was a SERIOUS falling out.

My man came out and called himself a babysitter…if those aren’t fighting words then I honestly don’t know what it. Read the article, he even said he wants to put his old team in the dirt. Yikes man. Some of the comments are GREAT though, with his old teammates firing back.

Sorry I love that gorilla gif. Anyways, yeah the storylines for this upcoming year are out of this world and I cannot wait for it. Namely, the greatest roster that’s been announced so far. I have high hopes for Chicago still, but OGLA (Optic Gaming Los Angeles) is going to be a tough task for anyone.

I mean good lord. With the exception of Jkap, who has always been consistently solid, that team is stacked full or MVP talent. Kenny and Slasher were on 100 Thieves last year, arguably the greatest team in the Pro League, and they were slaying hardcore. Teej and Dashy were on Hecz’s OG. Teej had his struggles, but was consistently solid for OG, but Dashy. My god.

Dashy was hands down the best player last year, he can turn the tide of the game at any point, and it was a huge reason why Optic was a contender the whole year, despite their inter-team struggles. Unfortunately, with the pros there are cons. Teej and Dashy were part of the ongoing struggle Optic had with scrims and being late. It was honestly kind of embarrassing to see, being paid huge amounts and being part of a franchise who was unrivaled in fandom. The issues don’t end there though.

Reportedly, and this isn’t 100% proven so just rumors, Dashy had tried to get off this roster after he signed to go play with Scump in Chicago. Now personally, being a Chicago fanboi, I wanted this to happen so very, very much, but it didn’t. At least not for the inaugural season. That being said, with Muddawg, the 100 Thieves General Manager from last year, at the helm, OGLA is looking to take the whole league by storm. To be completely honest, they are stacked to do it and then some.

If Slasher, Kap and Kenny can reel in the youngsters, this team is going to be an absolute FORCE. The COD League is shaping up to be a rollercoaster of a league and I cannot wait. 2020 needs to get here quickly, until then I’ll be frying in Modern Warfare.

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