Call of Duty’s G L O W U P

Big big big big BIG flame emoji.

The announcements so far for the COD League have been quite solid so far. I’ll admit there is one not so great announcement but y’know…can’t win everything….ANYWHO. So far 3 teams have been announced with their branding and rosters. One team has announced their roster without the branding.

First up!

London Royal Ravens

I’m gonna be honest, COD came out the gate FIRING with the Royal Ravens, their branding is AWESOME.

The logo, the name, the color scheme, it’s all fire. To top it off, their team is looking STACKED. Their roster is as follows:
– Wuskin
– Skrapz
– Dylan
– Jurd
– Rated

That’s looking SPICY. The twins Wuskin and Skrapz were firing on all cylinders last year and Dylan was a huge upcoming player. Jurd and Rated round out the roster with consistency at the very least.

Second team announced is even more fire…

Dallas Empire

This is Envy’s team in the COD League, and they came out swinging just as hard.

Big fan of this logo and scheme. Even bigger fan of the roster:
– Clayster
– Crimsix
– Huke
– Illey
– Shotzzy

Oh BOY is that a roster. Reigning world champion in Clayster, supported by one of the most storied pros in Crimsix, routed out with Huke, Illey and Shotzzy. The only thing to be said about this roster is they came to win, and anything short of a championship is a disappointment. Kudos to hastr0 for absolutely killing it with the roster and brand.

Third team is…………….

New York Subliners

Uh….I mean…it’s a team right? Honestly, outside of their roster, there isn’t much going for the team representing the big apple…I mean the announcement video was pretty cool.

All jokes aside at this atrocious branding (it makes sense, don’t get me wrong, but it sounds so stupid), the roster is set up for success:
– Zoomaa
– Temp
– Accurazy
– Zer0
– Attach

They also have Censor as a sub, but the dude is a clown if I’ve ever seen one. He’s signed on as a sub, and it 100% has to be because of his following, cause he’s not very good at the game anymore but as a content creator, it’s an ingenious move.

Those are the only announced brandings so far for the COD League, but we do have a large amount of roster changes that have been confirmed. Coming from a reddit post (, these are the confirmed changes:

Everything is coming together, and numerous leaks have led to branding and designs already being leaked. In fact, on reddit, a FAKE (big keyword here) picture of all the teams and their branding has been posted:

Post image

I just want to say holy YIKES at the OGLA logo. I don’t know what the person designing that was thinking, but my god is it horrifying to look at. I, being a huge fan and support of Hecz, cannot WAIT for the announcements of the Chicago Huntsmen brand and roster. It’s going to be stacked and I will for sure be copping gear the moment I can. Thank god that this is fake because it genuinely seems like 75% of these logos are made in Microsoft Paint…

I’ll be sure to post more articles when more announcements are made in the coming weeks. Until then, I’ll be certainly getting my fix of CoD in with Modern Warfare dropping on Friday.

shameless plug hit me with that follow

Call of Duty is pulling out ALL the stops with this drop, from Adidas to even Miller Lite. The world is excited for this game, and it’s shaping up to be an amazing entry. No lootboxes are coming, and it’s getting a battle pass similar to Fortnite (despite how much I hate that game, the battle pass is a great method). Pre-load is live friends, so you better get prepared and download the game on whichever platform you’re playing on.

Whether it be PC, Xbox or Playstation, this is the first time in CoD history that you can play with your friends no matter what. Matchmaking is purely based on control input, so if you’re on controller, you’ll be matched with other controller players, regardless of platform. You can open it up to mouse/keyboard too if you’re super confident in your skills. It’s entirely up to you! Give the game a try, and CERTAINLY get yourself involved in the COD League, it’s going to be huge.

I’m shutting myself out from the internet as copies have gotten out and I don’t want any spoilers on the campaign, it’s looking like it’s gonna be a good one to play through. I’ve missed Captain Price…so until the game drops, I’m going dark.

Image result for bravo six, going dark

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