Blizzard has a FIERCE grip on their banhammer…

BLIZZARD BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS………………………….sike but they are back at it again silencing students and giving them the ol’ banhammer.

Three American University esports players were banned for holding up a “Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizz” sign during a championship match they were competing in.

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In Blizzard’s defense, they basically were asking for it. What’s kinda funny though, is that it took Blizzard a good bit of time to ban them. In fact, Blizz actually SCHEDULED them to play their next match…like what? The 3 players, Casey Chambers, Corwin Dark and Torin Wright, forfeited the match though, because they didn’t find it right that Blizzard punished Blitzchung but not them.

Eventually, Blizzard did ban them, but why take a week to ban them when the ban for Blitzchung was really quick, especially when the 3 of them deliberately did it, on purpose, to boycott Blizzard.

It’s good to see solidarity between Hearthstone players, and it’s also good to see that Blizzard is punishing players equally. What is not good is that Blizzard felt the need to come out and say the decision to ban Blitzchung was not influenced by China at all, which is bringing more attention to the issue. They need to really reevaluate their methods here, and figure out what the hell they are doing. They are digging themselves a bigger and bigger grave with the community with the shady business they have going on.

Their recent “apology” to the community was laughable at best. In such a great, meaningful action, they restored Blitzchung’s winnings and lessened his ban length. You can read the statement here ( ) but I’d like to take a couple sections from it.

Okay…so…literally the FIRST line of the paragraph has “Every Voice Matters”. THEN WHY ARE YOU PUNISHING SOMEONE FOR SPEAKING OUT FOR SOMETHING THEY BELIEVE IN THAT APPARENTLY IS NOT PART OF YOUR DECISION? How were his views NOT a factor, he said nothing derogatory, nothing bad really at all regarding Blizzard, he said a simple slogan. It literally makes no sense, it’s like they attempted to save face and then instead facerolled on a keyboard in an attempt to do it.

Don’t even get me started on the next part:

How…the hell…are they going to punish casters who had LITERALLY ZERO CONTROL ON THE SITUATION?! The interview was LIVE, not pre-screened, LIVE. They could not have done ANYTHING to prevent what happened. That was completely, 120 percent, out of their control, so how is it they are still being punished for it? That’s utter nonsense, and honestly it’s downright f**ked up in my opinion. There is something seriously wrong with Blizzard if they think lessening their suspension to 6 months is a gift. Personally, I hope this spirals Blizzard into bankruptcy and that they go out of business for how trashy of a company they’ve become.

Meanwhile, they’ve faltered, and given way for Riot Games to rise to the occasion and literally take over every sort of foothold they have. With users canceling any Blizzard account they may have, Riot announced a slew of games aimed to take on all of those pissed off gamers. I’ll detail that in another article, because my god did they open the flood gates. All hail our new overlords Riot Games.

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