The XFL Draft is Here!

Today and tomorrow is the XFL Draft! The alternative league to the NFL has some prominent names, so I wanted to touch on the names of guys that I knew. Exciting right?

Let’s start with the teams who already have their Quarterbacks real quick. This just came out this morning, so excuse the no videos. Basically, each team was allowed to sign their starting QB. Then, the draft will begin where it swaps orders. For full info, click here.

Landry Jones will play for the Dallas Renegades.

Cardale Jones will play for the DC Defenders (LIT)

Phillip Walker will play for the Houston Roughnecks

Luis Perez will play for the LA Wildcats.

Matt McGloin will play for the New York Guardians.

Brandon Silvers will play for the Seattle Dragons.

Jordan Ta’amu will play for the St. Louis Battlehawks.

AND FREAKING AARON MURRAY will play for the Tampa Bay Vipers!

LETS GOOOO – Now for the players who are draft elligable.

Roberto Aduayo – K – Florida State – HA. Second round draft pick by the Tampa Bay Bucs, all time bust in the draft. I really hope this dude has some success.

Connor Cook – QB – Michigan State – I actually liked Connor Cook at State. I thought he had the ceiling of a poor mans Kirk Cousins, but honestly I think he’ll do extremely well in the XFL.

Jonas Gray – RB – Notre Dame – REMEMBER THIS DUDE! Wow, a fall from fantasy grace. Jonas Gray was at one point supposed to be the single greatest back ever…and then the Pats dropped him. I’m excited to watch him play again.

KD Cannon – WR – Baylor – Not a very well known talent, but a guy I looked at for Dynasty purposes when he came out of Baylor. The guy is fast and should be a solid watch week to week for the XFL.

Gerhard de Beer – OT – Arizona – So I have no clue who this guy is, but that NAME! Wow what a name.

Lance Dunbar – RB – North Texas – Former Dallas Cowboys handcuff, Lance Dunbar was a solid option for the Cowboys, but never really broke the surface. I’m excited for him to get a chance again.

Max McCaffrey – WR – Duke – Notable name mainly because of his brother Dairy Sanders (Christian McCaffrey), Max was a decent wide out at Duke. Athleticism runs in the family, right?

Ronald Ollie – DT – Nicholls State – Last Chance U star Ollie got his chance in the pros with the Raiders, but was cut on Hard Knocks because of his work ethic (shocker). I hope Ollie gets it together, because the guy can play.

Scott Orndoff – TE – Pitt – Pitt’s finest. A solid tight end who had some time around the NFL, let’s hope Orndoff can solidify himself enough to get another chance in the NFL.

Vinny Papale JR – WR – Delaware – RIGHT?! It’s Vinny’s kid! He had a short stint with the Redskins. He isn’t anything insane, but the name alone is recognition.

Elijah Hood – RB – North Carolina – I originally thought Hood would get the roster spot on the Carolina Panthers over Scarlett, but alas. Hood is a pretty solid runner, so look for him to be a lead back in the XFL.

Damien Mama – OG – USC – The slowest 40 time in his draft, Mama, was a big boi out of college. I didn’t even know he was out of the league yet, so at least he’s still playing ball.

Zach Mettenberger – QB – LSU – HA. I love the average qb’s in this man. I think it’s going to be a relaxing environment to gain confidence, so Mett should be solid. Maybe they’ll let Jameis play next year?

Trent Richardson – RB – Alabama – Jokes aside, Trent killed it in the AAF. I think this guy just wasn’t made for the NFL, but the XFL could be his calling.

Vincent Testaverde Jr. – QB – Albany – ANOTHER JR! This one though had some time in the pros, but the other Vinny Jr. will get his shot.

Brad Wing – P – LSU – Literally just know he played for the Giants. And he went to LSU. That is all. Did have a sick fake punt in college though. And the Steelers! Shoutout Chef for this one.

Sammie Coates – WR – Auburn – Former Pittsburgh Steelers wideout wasn’t our best choice, but Coates did show flashes of understanding how to play football. I really do hope Coates can get it together.

Quadree Henderson – WR – Pitt – Quadree was a tremendous talent at Pitt, but just undersized for the NFL. Henderson will succeed in the XFL.

De’Angelo Henderson – RB – Coastal Carolina -MY GUY! I loved Henderson in the draft. The bowling ball running back was drafted by the Broncos but just couldn’t break through to get any meaningful touches. He has sick hands and fast feet, that’s all you need to know.

Tyree Jackson – QB – Buffalo – Probably the most surpising addition to the draft, Tyree Jackson was just drafted this year to the Bills. I get the want to get playing time, but the jump seems premature for me. I hope Jackson finds what he is looking for to be hoenst.

Shawn Oakman – DE – Baylor – LFG. Shawn Oakman had his entire career in the NFL ruined because of a false sexual assault scandal that he was recently exhonerated from. I’m all for due dilligence, but this man deserves a shot and he’ll finally get one.

Aaron Ripkowski – FB – Oklamoma – RIP! I didn’t even know he was out of the league! The full back generation of sexy, Ripkowski had some silky hands in his days in Green Bay.

Cameron Artis-Payne – RB – Auburn – CAP was a great handcuff for Jonathon Stewart in Carolina, so the guy should get a chance to be RB1 for the first time in his career.

Trevor Knight – QB – Texas A&M – He also went to Oklahoma, there you go Greg. Knight was subpar in college and subpar in the pros, but it’s always nice to see a familiar name.

Donnel Pumphrey – RB – San Diego State – Another name I can’t believe is in the XFL. Pump beat Emmitt Smiths yardage record in college and was supposed to be the next Sproles in Philly. He can catch, he can run and he’s fast AF.

Brogan Roback – QB – Eastern Michigan – BROBRO! The Browns Hard Knocks favorite is just a bro, plain and simple. I hope he starts, but he was on the Steelers Practice squad for a little so there’s also some hometown love there.

Terrance Williams – WR – Baylor – This would be my first receiver off the board, almost easiest pick ever. Williams had solid years in the NFL and could probably still find a team if he waited until later one.

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