If Players Must Change, so Should the Refs

Look, I get it. If the Lions score some touchdowns they would have won either way. Sure. Go that route, take the question out of the equation and the fact that the refs are terrible off the table simply because it’s the “easy” thing to do.

Let me start here…this is not an anti-Packer article. In no way, shape or form is any of this the Packers fault. They won the game, plain and simple. But we can’t just chalk this up to “Well if the Lions do XYZ”, because it’s happening too often to just ignore.

Last night, the Lions for completely robbed by not one, but two phantom hands to the face penalites. Various angles are coming out supporting each side, but here’s the simple truth – Why time and time again are the refs missing game altering calls? Let’s start with last nights blunder.

Fast forward to 1:20

The biggest issue for me, why are we not using the technology we have for these plays? Speed of play will ALWAYS be an issue for this A.D.H.D. GIVE ME IT RIGHT NOW society we live in (Thanks Netflix), but it’s just ridiculous that I can sit at home and few a camera angle, and the NFL Refs can’t do the same. Pick up the flag. Plain and simple.

Then, we get to another terrible call from this weekend on Jarvis Landry for the Cleveland Browns. Mind you, I don’t like Cleveland sports teams and they got ROBBED.

Like…what??? They were facing each other, and Landry is called for a blindside block. Not to mention they missed a Landry touchdown that would have won me two leagues, but in all seriousness I’m mad just for the sake of Football.

And finally, even though I could post these videos all freaking day, the one that hit home the hardest.

BRUH. This exact hit came time and time again all across the NFL, but of course in a game altering moment it hits the Steelers.

Look, all I’m saying is that if Burfict is expected to change his play style to fit the modern day NFL, then the officiating has to change to fit the modern game as well. Are there no young refs trying to break through to the top? Why are Refs not full time NFL employees, who train and watch tape in the offseason and learn to use the new technology?

Poor officiating is a much, much harsher reality to the death of the NFL than any injury list or competitor league (XFL DRAFT TODAY BAEBAY!) could muster. WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY. I know it makes football games longer…..AND SO WHAT?!?!

O No, you mean to tell me that a game is going to take up MORE of my sunday!? What ever will I do? Screw that. get the calls right. Fix the officiating. Then fix the rest of the shit wrong with the NFL.

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