The Never Ending Curse

Pirates fans have had a hell of a 2019. A season with so many expectations just went completely wrong. This was a team that some (including myself) believed could make it to the playoffs. Not only did they not even get close, but they finished with the 7th worst record in the majors at 69-93. The Pirates are now sorting out their own issues and are trying to put this year behind them, however it’s extremely hard to do that watching Game 5 of the ALDS. 

Playoff series deciding games are supposed to be fun for the casual fan and nerve wracking for the fan of the respective teams. Pirates fans who are watching will feel other kinds of emotions. Ones that leave embarrassment, disgust, disappointment, and the thought of us not having nice things.

The Astros and Rays will face off for game 5 and the starters for the rubber match are Gerrit Cole vs. Tyler Glasnow. As a Pirates fan who has been through so much this year, we will now again get another swift kick in the nuts watching these two duel against each other WHEN THEY SHOULD BE PITCHING FOR THE SAME TEAM! 

The two players who were counted on to take the Pirates to the playoffs beyond 2015 are opponents for a playoff series deciding game. That’s just unfathomable. It’s already bad enough that Gerrit Cole has developed into one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. He’s my pick to actually win the Cy Young. Tyler Glasnow has figured it out and has the stuff to win a Cy Young. The only thing that can make this Game 5 the worst ever is if Austin Meadows hits a walk off. If that happens, I may just smash my TV with a baseball bat.

I hope Bob Nutting and Neal Huntington are watching closely tomorrow because those two are going to put on a show for two other franchises. While they watch, I hope they just remember one thing: it should have been us.

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