Flyers On A Roll

I feel like I have been asleep for a while. But there is something that has awoken me. Something that stirs me from my slumber. Could it be the Philadelphia Flyers?

Last season I wrote this article.

I was criticized heavily for it. But now as the Pittbsurgh faithful have nothing left to cheer for allow me to put my boot on the throat of your dying fandom. As you continue to pay less and less attention as the season grows on I will be here. I will be here as a reminder of your idiocracy. I will be here to remind you how the Philadelphia Flyers are competing for the Stanley Cup whilst your pathetic flightless birds simply wait in a puddle of their own mediocre play.

I am Johnny Violence, and I am awake again. Wearing a new set of colors. This time with a hint of Orange.

So far the Flyers have only player two games. One in the Czech Republic against the Blackhawks. A 4 to 3 victory in the season opener. After a few days off they return home and spank the new look Devils 4 to 0.

Sure neither of these teams are good, but what is happening this season that didn’t last season. The Flyers are beating the bad teams. Last season the Flyers were the toughest team to play against if you were a good team. They raised their game to match yours. In that same breath they lowered their game to match the bad teams.

It seems that Alain Vigneault has this team clicking on all cylinders early. Which he is prone to do. In his first year with new teams he has never missed the playoffs. Vigneault has said that he had to change his approach this season. Inheriting a team just outside the playoff bubble is a new challenge. But anyone who has watched this team late last season will tell you they have the pieces.

One of those pieces is rookie goaltender Carte Hart.

As if the clip didn’t say it all. Carter Hart is a huge upgrade in the net for the Flyers. He is probably the first legitimate goalie they have had since Sergei Bobrovsky. And hopefully the first long term answer to the goaltending position since Ron Hextall.

Another hug addition has been Kevin Hays. When he isn’t out wheeling around with Dave Portnoy and Bryce Harper he providing the Flyers with a legitimate depth and talent they have not had in a while. 

Travis Konecny is off to a great start with 3 goals and 2 assists. The young Flyer was someone I highlighted last year as being a guy who could take a big step for them and to this point he has.

Now admittedly it is early. But the team seems to be built to win now, and with Vigneault’s reputation it’s hard to believe they aren’t on path to do so.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Flyers on your teams upcoming schedule. Until next time hockey fans remember to keep your stick on the ice.

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