The Inner Circle Baby

The Inner Circle baby. Chris Jericho has once again shed his skin and emerged as the leader of the hottest faction in wrestling the Inner Circle. Comprised of Santana and Ortiz formerly known as LAX, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager, formly Jack Swagger. The new supergroup are the latest thing in AEW.

Last night they new group attacked Dusitn Rhodes (Goldust) and Hangman Paige after a tag team match with Guevara and Jericho as their opponents. The faction introduced themselves formally and have truly made a statement.

The faction should have a touch of a DX feel with a twist of the Nation of Domination. I say this for a few reasons. One the Nation never had a true tag team in it like DX did. Also Triple H was the true leader but had around him legitimate talent who can hold their own. The Nation of Domination angle comes from the idea that this is a vehicle to elevate the young star and future of the company Sammy Guevara. He will most likely eventually usurp Jericho much like The Rock usurp Farooq. 

The latest thing from AEW has set the wrestling world on fire. So much so that when they debuted their new shirts yesterday and it crashed Pro Wrestling Tees servers.

In AEW’s second week of broadcasting they have once again bested WWE. Not with flash, or digging up former stars. But instead by providing unique original pro wrestling content that we all so desperately crave. 

Judging from the internets reactions this morning AEW has hit another home run and continue to gain ground on WWE thanks to once again Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle.

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