An Open Letter To Defensive Coordinator Keith Butler

Dear Keith,

I know that you are busy in preparation for this Sunday’s game against the Chargers, but you need to read this. Luckily for you, this note is short and efficient.

Don’t even think about covering Keenan Allen with a linebacker.

Just don’t.

Do you remember what happened last year?

I do. Allen gashed your defense for 14 catches 148 yards and a touchdown.

I know I know, it happens. Players have great games. But you know what else happened that game?

Your defensive scheme and gameplan had a linebacker covering Keenan Allen (one of the league’s quickest and best route runners) NUMEROUS times. In fact, he was targeted 9 times when a Steelers linebacker was the nearest defender.

No WR has been targeted more against a linebacker in a game since the nearest defender metric started being tracked in 2016.

It didn’t matter the down, distance, or game situation…your defense never made adjustments. And he lit you up.

Here are some highlights to jog your memory:

You’ll notice that some of the time, you did not just have a linebacker covering Keenan Allen. You had an edge rusher covering him. AN EDGE RUSHER!

That’s just bonkers.

Funny enough the same thing happened just last week when Watt was lined up against Hollywood Brown. You don’t have to even watch this clip to know how that play ended…

Your defense has been improved this year. Hargrave and Tuitt are both forces with Heyward on the front line. Bush is showing promise and it is nice to have Williams back. Watt is continuing to get to the QB tenaciously and Dupree is even contributing (!!!). Nelson is a great acquisition alongside Haden. Fitzpatrick is awesome and he will only get better.

This defense will continue to keep us in games, but it needs you to manage it more effectively. You’ve been gifted an arsenal of several first round picks and don’t have much to show for it.

Please develop a smart scheme for the Chargers this Sunday (i.e. not having a LB cover Keenan Allen).

And when the Chargers offense adjusts…please remember that you are allowed to do the same.

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