Why the Flyers are two years away from a Stanley Cup.

Look let’s be honest everyone hates the Philadelphia Flyers, but here is the deal…in two years they are going to be nasty. They have been tearing the NHL apart since the beginning of February. If you watch them it is easy to see the potential in this team. They are well balanced with a young fast roster. The next two years will be key for them to not over pay their young talent, but if they navigate these waters carefully they could be set up for a cup run in the next two years. Don’t believe me let’s take a peek at their roster.

Guaranteed Point Generators

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Washington Capitals at Philadelphia Flyers

Claude Giroux – 20 goals a season normally close near 80 points. He will be 32 next year but is only a cap hit of 8 million.

Jakub Voracek – 20 goal scorer who gets near 70 points a year. He will be 30 next season and has a cap hit of 8 million.

James Van Riemsdyk – 30 goal scorer who averages 60 points a season. He will be 30 next season with a 7 million cap hit.

Depth Players


Sean Couturier – 15 goals with an average of 35 points. He turns 27 next year with 4 million cap hit.

Nolan Patrick – 15 goals a season about 30 points a season. He turns 21 next season and is under entry level contract till 2020-21.

Travis Konecny – Averages 20 goals a season with about 40 points. He turns 22 next season and needs a new contract.

Oskar Lindblom – Potential 15 goals 40 points a season. He turns 23 next year and is on an entry level contract till 2020-21 season.



Ivan Provorov – Potentially a 20 goals and 50 points a season player. He turns 23 next season and is in need of a new contract.

Shayne Gostisbehere – 15 goal scorer and 50 points a season. He turns 26 next year and is a 4.5 million cap hit.

Robert Hagg – Steady second pairing shut down D-Man. He turns 26 next season and has  a 1 million dollar cap hit.

Travis Sanheim – Potential 10 goal scored and 30 point getter. He turns 23 next season and needs a new contract.

Radko Gudas – His name strikes fear into the heart of opponents. He turns 29 next year and is a 3 million cap hit.

Andrew McDonald – Has been a bust with a 5.5 million cap hit. A buyout candidate and a good chance for the Flyers to gain cap space.



Carter Hart – Potential Stud. He turns 21 next year and is on an entry level contract till 2021-22.

This summer the flyers have a chance to make some smart decisions and really get a team that can compete right away. Part of how their going to do this is by signing guys fairly cheap. None of their core players are stars yet, and they are still young.

All you have to do is watch Nolan Patrick to know he is a Nathan MacKinnon in waiting. The kid skates like a gazelle and has the vision of a eagle. He is very excited player but he hasn’t taken the league by storm yet. This is good news for the Flyers who will be able to sing him for something in the 7 million range.

Oskar Lindblom and Travis Konecny are two really nice pieces that will be able to lock up for 4 to 5 million a year.

Provorov is tougher to sign. Everyone knows what he is capable of, but his inconsistency helps the Flyers sing the would be Norris Trophy candidate to a deal close to 5.5 million.

If they can sign those kids for fairly cheap they have a roster that shapes up like this.

1st Line: Lindblom/Giroux/Voracek – 21 Million

2nd Line: JVR/Couturier/Konecny – 16 Million

Nolan Patrick – Can fill into the any line and will cost 7 million.

Spending 44 Million on their forwards. That’s about half their Salary on a legit top 6.

Their back end would look like this.

Provorov/Gostisbehere – 11 Million

Sanheim/Hagg – 6 Million

Gudas – 3 Million

Spending 20 Million on their D.

Leaving them a projected 19 million to add pieces. With that kind of money you can really start to build a roster that resembles that of Vegas or Winnipeg. A team that has a clear cut top players but still spending adequately in the bottom half of your roster. Plus you take into account that Carter Hart is going to be on his entry level for a few more years things are looking good in Philly.

With 19 million left you could throw big money at free agents who can add scoring and depth to your team. Potentially another big name D-Man and a top winger to play with Patrick.

Needless to say this team has the potential to really turn a corner next season. Even if you have to wait another season to dumb McDonald and Simmons they will have plenty of room to sign the guys they need to. The scary part of this team is with every passing year these young players gain more experience. All while their top their talent is in their peak production years. If Carter Hart can even be half of what he needs to be this team is a legitimate contender soon.

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