Keaton owes Greg an Apology

First off, tell me I’m not nice with Photoshop. You see that cape? Shoooooooo.

What a night for baseball fans such as myself. The NL Wild Card game between the Mikwaukee Brewers and the Washington Nationals played out last night, and I learned one thing from the game…Christian Yelich is the MVP.

If you didn’t watch, or watch on ESPN and YouTube this morning, the Nationals were down 3-1 in the bottom of the 8th with bases loaded. Juan Soto (super sick name btw) is at the plate and hits a ball that bounces to right field.

If he wasn’t injured, that’s Yelich’s position, meaning he probably would have scooped up the ball and made it to home plate in time to avoid even a second run being scored. Yelich suffered a broken knee cap back in September.

But since the Pete Davidson look-a-like wasn’t in, Trent Grisham got the call in right field…and well…it sucks. It wasn’t pretty, and the error let three runs score for the Nationals, giving them the lead going into the ninth.

In bigger news than the Nationals beating the Brewers, Keaton owes my co-host Greg a massive apology. On a live show at Scratch Food and Beverage of our flagship podast Two Beers Deep, Keaton swore up and down that the Nationals weren’t making the playoffs. Well Keaton….sucks to suck bud.

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