Clint Hurdle Canned

Pirate fans can all rejoice as there will be some accountability for this abysmal baseball season. Today it was announced that Clint Hurdle will be fired. The Pirates organization also announced that GM Neal Huntington will remain in his position. As I detailed in my last Pirates article , the 2020 season would be doomed if Hurdle came back for the 2020 season. Turns out, Bob Nutting did not even let him finish the season. 

This move had to be made especially after everything this year. With the in-game decision making with stupid bunting, terrible bullpen mismanagement, numerous brawls with other teams, and the brawls within the clubhouse, this was not going to get better while he was leading this club. It’s time for a new fresh face to usher in the new era of Pirates baseball. 

In his 12 seasons as the Pirates manager, Hurdle will finish his tenure with a 735-720-1 record which is good for 4th most wins in Pirates history. His time managing this club has come to an end, but let’s not forget that he brought this club their first playoff win since 1991 and was responsible for stopping 20 straight losing seasons. His ultimate goal of reuniting a city with its baseball team was also accomplished. As a Pirates fan, I want to thank him for that but it’s time for a new face to take us far away from such a terrible baseball season. 

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