RFA’s Are Under Paid ?

When the Brinks truck arrived at Mitch Marners house this weekend I assumed it would be making a few more stops along the way. But it seems to have the opposite effect.

King of Flow Style Brock Boeser just signed a contract that is annually only worth a little over five million. The part of this deal that went Boeserr’s way is the three year length. If he continues to progress that number will sky rocket in his next contract.

The Flyers have tied up Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny both for six year. Provorov at 6.75 and Konecny at 5.5.

Charlie McAvoy also signed a three year 5 million dollar deal. Which seems cheap for the future Norris Trophy Winner.

As these lesser guys start to take team friendly deals you have to turn an eye towards the big five still holding out. Will the Brinks truck be making stops in Winnipeg, Colorado, Tampa, and Calgary?

It seems not. Patrik Laine has retreated to Europe to play the season if a deal is not made. Mikko Rantanen seems happy to hold out. No word from the Tkachuk camp. The only guy who we assume will take a team friendly deal is Brayden Point. Simply because his captain and team leaders are all on team friendly deals. 

With camp only a few days away and the season only sixteen days away one must wonder. How many hold outs will we have headed into the regular season? Is this good for hockey as a whole? Or is this going to negatively impact the game for some time.

The Players Association said they were not going to ask for labor negotiations this offseason. So there shouldn’t be a lock out. But if owners get fed up with the RFA drama that has unfolded this off season we may still see a labor stoppage.

This stuff about contract disputes smells eerily similar to past years. Where owners were tired of giving away money to players on long term deals. Now they could grow tired of short term deals that could see key players leave for greener pastures in free agency. 

Hockey is weird, quietly it has more labor disputes than any other sport. This off season has been maybe one of the most tense we can remember. Hopefully the big names sign soon and we can get back to focusing out what really counts. I fear the worst tho as time slowly creeps by and deals seem to be far from complete.

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