Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 3

What a weekend for football people. We got a lot to cover in this week’s power ranking so let us get started.


Miami Dolphins (0-2)

Previous Rank: 32

I thought this team was bad week one against the Ravens, but they proved to me this Sunday against the Patriots that this is one of the worst football teams in NFL history. They got blown out 43-0 in this game. Even though the defense was terrible again this week it was the offense that stunk it up with time with a combined four interceptions between Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen with two of them being pick sixes from Ryan. They also just lost their number one defender in Minkah Fitzpatrick to the Steelers making their defense even worse. They get the Cowboys this week so expect another loss making them 0-3.


New York Giants (0-2)

Previous Rank: 30

The Giants move down another spot after their dreadful loss to Buffalo last week. Eli Manning did not look good in this game and the bad part was is that the offensive line did which means Eli didn’t just look bad he looked really bad tossing one touchdown and two picks with an awful 57% completion rating. That was enough for the office to officially list him as the back up quarterback for next week’s challenge against Tampa. Daniel Jones finally gets his shot and I have to say I am actually excited to see what he can do. Barkley is doing the best he can in a rough environment, but will Tampa shut down Saquon next week like they did McCaffrey?


New York Jets (0-2)

Previous Rank: 22

That’s right!! The Jets drop eight spots in this week’s ranking after their poor performance against Cleveland this Monday night. Now I know that Trevor Siemian went out early, but he is done for the season and Darnold is still out with mono. That leaves third string quarterback Luke Falk to lead the team and his performance was a little sour to say the least. Until the Jets get Darnold back expect this team to keep losing which means the Jets are going to be 0-4 when he comes back which is not a great start to the season in my book especially with a matchup against the Patriots this week.


Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)

Previous Rank: 26

The Bengals drop three spots this week after their 41-17 loss against the San Francisco 49ers. Their offense wasn’t terrible to watch in this game with Dalton still throwing for over 300 yards and two touchdowns with one pick. Their defense however was just awful giving up over 250 yards on the run like you just can’t do that. Mixon was virtually ineffective here which could be the injury he suffered last week honestly so don’t worry about him. Boyd and Ross should also still see plenty of looks. They get Buffalo this week and I have a feeling Josh Allen is gonna run all over them.


Washington Redskins (0-2)

Previous Rank: 29

The Redskins move up one spot, but they shouldn’t. It was just other teams were so bad that I had no choice, but to move them up a spot to fit everyone in the back where they belong. Keenum continues to do good things with no name receivers in Washington. Terry McLaurin is proving to be the number one receiver and Adrian Peterson got off to a rocky start, but finished with a touchdown to save his fantasy owners. Their defense has to get better though. They get Chicago this week and a victory doesn’t seem to be in their future.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1)

Previous Rank: 31

I might be a little cray cray moving the Bucs up four spots, but man they surprised me with this win over Carolina. Not only that, but they held probably one of the top two running backs in football to a mere total of fifty three yards and no touchdowns. The defense dominated Christian McCaffrey in this game which is very weird to say. I still have questions on the offense with Winston looking better this game, but after a three interception filled week one anything is better in my honest opinion. Mike Evans is taking a back sat to Chris Godwin, Peyton Barber improved and O.J. Howard received no targets. A weird week for the Bucs. Next week they get the Giants who are starting Daniel Jones for the first time.


Arizona Cardinals (0-1-1)

Previous Rank: 27

While the Cardinals did lose against the Ravens as I predicted they gave them a fight I did not see coming. This is purely for the offense. The defense was trash giving up 392 total yards to Lamar Jackson with 272 of those coming out of the air and 120 of it being on the ground. Kyler Murray didn’t throw a touchdown, but also didn’t throw a pick and threw for 349 yards passing showing everyone Baltimore’s defense wasn’t that great. David Johnson also gave fantasy owners another scare with his wrist issues, but he was able to come and play in the second half. This week they have Carolina which can turn into a dark horse victory for them should Cam Newton not play.


Denver Broncos (0-2)

Previous Rank: 25

The Broncos stay put at twenty five after almost pulling off a victory against the Chicago Bears. When I say almost I mean in the last seconds the Bears were able to kick a fifty three yard field goal as the clock was running out so props to them for almost knocking off a huge opponent. Flacco did surprisingly well here throwing for nearly 300 yards with a touchdown and a pick. The run game is still wishy washy to me though, but their defense did well here in this game. They get Green Bay next week though and I am not too thrilled for Denver here.


Oakland Raiders (1-1)

Previous Rank: 23

The Raiders drop one spot after losing to the Chiefs last weekend. They did poorly in this game, but did anyone really go into this game thinking Oakland was going to win? That’s what my mind was pondering as the Raiders were up 10-0 at the end of the first quarter. Then the Chiefs put up twenty eight unanswered points. Derek Carr didn’t look good here throwing a touchdown and two picks while Josh Jacobs could have done more damage on the run had they not fallen so far behind. Minnesota is next and they might have a chance here if they pressure Cousins enough causing him to slip up.


Detroit Lions (1-0-1)

Previous Rank: 27

This was probably the surprise of the week as the Lions knocked off the Los Angeles Chargers. Stafford wasn’t the greatest as he tossed two touchdowns and two picks, but he did what he needed to do and that is all that matters. The real star was the defense here as they picked off Rivers once with no touchdowns given up and held him to 293 passing yards. This week the Lions get the Eagles who have given up a lot of yards in the passing game over the last weeks. Expect Stafford to do decent in this game.


Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)

Previous Rank: 24

You know I give the Jaguars a lot of credit here. Their defense was able to hold a hot and powerful Texans offense to only thirteen points and none of those points came off of passing touchdowns. The only touchdown that was scored was a Deshaun Watson two yard run. The defense also held DeAndre Hopkins to only forty yards on five receptions. The offense had some spark here with Gardner Minshew dripping in swag and ability as he had 213 yards passing, a touchdown and he was the leading rusher for the team going for fifty six yards. The defense did its job, but honestly trouble is brewing with star cornerback Jalen Ramsey officially declaring he wants to be traded out of Jacksonville.


Carolina Panthers (0-2)

Previous Rank: 18

The Panthers got out played Thursday night against a much weaker Bucs team. Newton again did not look good here throwing for 333 yards with no touchdowns and lost a fumble. Christian McCaffrey was also put on display as he only combined for fifty three yards. To make matters worse Newton aggravated his ankle injury and his status for this week’s game against Arizona is up in the air. His throwing accuracy was also in disarray missing some pretty simple openings for receivers. Expect McCaffrey to do most of the work here, but instead of it being an easy week for Carolina it becomes a dark horse game that Arizona possibly could win.


Cleveland Browns (1-1)

Previous Rank: 21

The Browns got a win on Monday against the Jets, but honestly if they didn’t win this week the Browns were dropping like ten spots. The Jets lost Darnold due to mono and started Trevor Siemian who also left the game and is done for the season which left them with third stringer Luke Falk which basically made Le’Veon Bell the main star of the Jets this week. However, the Browns did a decent job in this game, but not a great job. Baker did most of his damage throwing to Beckham, but overall he didn’t impress me as threw for a touchdown and a pick against the Jets. This week they get the Rams this week which doesn’t bold well for the Browns.


Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2)

Previous Rank: 14

The Steelers take a huge dive down the ranking moving down five spots. Losing to Seattle didn’t help, but this is mostly due to the fact that we lost Ben Roethlisberger for the season which is a huge loss for the team. Now the team rides with Mason Rudolph who I believe has an opportunity to shine in what has been a disappointing season so far. The run game has been ineffective with Conner thus far and Donte Moncrief has been a huge issue with his drops. The good news is that we acquired Minkah Fitzpatrick who looks to be a big star on this Pittsburgh defense. They get the 49ers this week whose defense has been very good over the last two weeks. I am hoping Mason can get it done.


Tennessee Titans (1-1)

Previous Rank: 15

The Titans get brought back down to Earth and down three spots on the ranking after losing to the Colts 19-17. I personally did not think the offense looked good in this game aside from Derrick Henry. Mariota threw for 154 yards and a touchdown with his leading receiver being Delanie Walker with thirty nine yards. The defense is what stunk here though. They let Jacoby Brissett get three passing touchdowns against them after just intercepting Mayfield three times two weeks ago. This week the Titans go against the Jaguars who stopped Houston’s offense cold. Expect this to be a fairly boring game between these two.


Indianapolis Colts (1-1)

Previous Rank: 17

Speaking of the Colts they stay put at the seventeenth spot here after narrowly getting away with a win in Tennessee. While Brissett did get three touchdowns in this game he however only threw for 146 yards and had a pick as well. Marlon Mack was held in check as well with Jordan Wilkins getting eighty two yards on five carries. Parris Campbell got his first NFL touchdown as a rookie while Ebron and Hilton also caught one in the endzone. This week they get Atlanta who does well against the pass. I would lean on Marlon Mack having a very strong game here.


San Francisco 49ers (2-0)

Previous Rank: 20

The 49ers are quickly shaping up to be the dark horse team I thought they were going to be this year with two wins on the season rising four spots in the rank. The offense looked really good last week putting forty one points on the Bengals and the run offense especially looked great. Garappolo looked a lot better throwing for 297 yards, three touchdowns and a pick, the run game proved efficient without Tevin Coleman, and the young Deebo Samuel came to shine with with five receptions for eighty seven yards and a touchdown. This week they get the Steelers. I expect this to be a battle of defense here, but expect the 49ers to run and pass when needed in this one.


Buffalo Bills (2-0)

Previous Rank: 19

Don’t look now, but the Bills are making something of themselves here. Josh Allen had a rocky start against the Jets, but still got a victory out of it and then you go and have a dominant game against the Giants last week. Allen threw for 253 yards and a touchdown and also had twenty one yards on the ground with a rushing score as well. Receivers like John Brown and Cole Beasley are finding their place in the offense while the defense powers through what they do. This week Allen is a must start against the Bengals who gave up over 250 yards on the ground last week to the 49ers. With Singletary being day to day, Allen could shine through the air and on the ground this week.


Minnesota Vikings (1-1)

Previous Rank: 12

The Vikings drop two spots after their loss to Green Bay this last week. Kirk Cousins struggled in this game completing only forty four percent of his passes, getting one touchdown next to two interceptions and another fumble. The Vikings offense needs to pound the ball hard on the ground with Cook who has put up 265 rushing yards and three touchdowns. Get the ball away from Cousins and into the hands of that bad man Cook. This week they get the Raiders which could see Cousins thrive or flop depending on the pass rush.


New Orleans Saints (1-1)

Previous Rank: 2

Man the biggest drop of my rankings period I think goes to the Saints who dropped eleven spots after losing to the Rams last week. The reason being that Drew Brees tore a ligament in his thumb and will miss about six to eight weeks. I think Bridgewater is under fire here with a huge task at hand. He will still have Thomas and Kamara to work with, but any hope the Saints go somewhere this year just went out the window. This week they get the Seahawks which have slipped by with two wins against the Bengals and the Steelers. I am not hopeful for the Saints here.


Atlanta Falcons (1-1)

Previous Rank: 16

The Falcons move up four spots in the ranking after taking out the Eagles last Sunday night. The win wasn’t “that” great for Matt Ryan though as he threw three interceptions, but made up for it with three touchdowns. That leaves Matty Ice with five touchdowns and five picks in two games. That isn’t the greatest, but I like their chances at Indianapolis this week. Expect Matt Ryan to be better in this game going forward. As long as Julio stays healthy this offense will be fine and props to the defense for showing up. They should give Brissett as hard time, but might let Marlon Mack slip through the cracks with the run game.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-1)

Previous Rank: 9

The Chargers drop two spots after a shocking loss to the Lions last week. Rivers was able to find Keenan Allen and Austin Ekeler on separate occasions, but their only touchdown came from an Ekeler one yard rush. Rivers didn’t do well here as he tossed one interception against a team that got shredded by Kyler Murray in week one. This week they get Houston so their defense better show up against Watson or it will be game over for the Chargers this week.


Chicago Bears (1-1)

Previous Rank: 11

The Bears avoided a major upset loss against the Broncos last week moving them up one spot in the ranking. The Bears offense again looked pretty poor with Trubisky only throwing for 120 yards. David Montgomery however, finally got the right amount of work in and found the endzone with a rushing score and sixty two yards on the ground. The defense looked kind of questionable here though giving up a touchdown and nearly 300 passing yards to Joe Flacco even if they intercepted him once. If there was a time for the Bears to shine it is this week against the Redskins Monday night.


Green Bay Packers (2-0)

Previous Rank: 13

The Packers look good here moving up four spots and into the top ten finally in my rankings. They had two impressive divisional matches they won against the Bears and the Vikings so that is a start. They finally established Aaron Jones with the run game as he rushed for 116 yards and a score. Rodgers also looked decent throwing two touchdowns and 209 yards. This week they get the Denver Broncos who struggle on the run and through the air. Also expect that improved defense to give Flacco a hard time as well.


Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)

Previous Rank: 6

The Eagles drop two spots after a loss against the Falcons last Sunday night. This loss was a tough one as most of their team experienced some injuries including DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffrey and Dallas Godert. Wentz also threw two interceptions against one touchdown, but also managed to score a rushing touchdown as well. Going forward we will see how these injuries affect the team when they face off against the Lions. The defense will need to step up here as they have given up over six hundred passing yards in two games.


Houston Texans (2-0)

Previous Rank: 7

The Texans skate by with a narrow win against Jacksonville last week so no change in movement for them. The offense was put under fire though with Watson throwing only 159 with no passing touchdowns or picks. He was able to sneak in a rushing score for the second week in a row. Hopkins was held to forty yards which is never good and the passing game was almost ineffective. Carlos Hyde has somehow become the number one back even with Duke Johnson there which boggles my mind as well. This week they get the Chargers so maybe expect this offense to do better.


Baltimore Ravens (2-0)

Previous Rank: 10

Well the Ravens are making an impact as the favorite to win the AFC North again this year with their win over the Cardinals last week. They move up four spots and man Lamar looked good in this game with 272 yards passing, two touchdowns and 120 rushing yards. Their defense almost cost them in the end letting Murray come back. This week we will see if Lamar is the real deal or not when they take on AFC juggernauts; The Kansas City Chiefs.


Seattle Seahawks (2-0)

Previous Rank: 8

The Seahawks move up three spots after again narrowly escaping victory on the road against Pittsburgh. Seattle is slowly climbing the charts, but not without making some plays on the offense rather than the defense. Wilson threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns while the running game got some licks in as well. The defense still worries me about this team though. This week the defense gets a chance to shine against the Saints who just lost Drew Brees and are rolling with Teddy Bridgewater.


Dallas Cowboys (2-0)

Previous Rank: 5

The Cowboys looked really good again against the Washington Redskins last week. Prescott threw for 269 yards, three touchdowns and a pick with also making 87% of his passes. Elliot finally got going after a weird run game scenario in the first week and the offense and defense look stronger than ever. They get the easiest matchup next week against Miami who have put forth ten total points and have surrendered 102 points in the last two weeks.


Los Angeles Rams (2-0)

Previous Rank: 4

The Rams move up a spot after beating down the Saints 27-9 last week. Most of that was due to Brees exiting with a thumb injury, but overall the defense and offense played very well this game. Goff while not that accurate threw for 283 yards and a touchdown in this game and was able to hit Cooper Kupp five times for 120 yards. The run game also got reestablished as Todd Gurley ran for sixty three yards and a touchdown. The defense was able to hold the Saints to three field goals as well. This week they get the Browns Sunday night which will definitely be an interesting one to watch.


Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)

Previous Rank: 3

The Chiefs also move up a spot after their win against Oakland last week. The Chiefs were quite with no points scored in the first quarter only to come back with a vengeance with four touchdowns in the second quarter. The defense took it from there intercepting Carr twice. Mahomes has been a stud so far putting up seven touchdowns and 821 passing yards in two games. This week though comes an AFC rematch between the Chiefs and the Ravens. The passing game shouldn’t be an issue, but the run game might be jeopardy with Williams and McCoy being banged up last week. Who will shine brighter in this one? Mahomes or Jackson?


New England Patriots (2-0)

Previous Rank: 1

There isn’t much to say here honestly. The Patriots spanked the Dolphins 43-0 last week and Tom Brady missed only eight passes while tossing 264 yards and two touchdowns. The run game did well even though Michel fumbled and Antonio Brown got a touchdown in his New England debut. The whole Antonio Brown issue is another matter to be discussed down the road, but the Patriots look good and I hate saying that. This week they get the Jets so expect another steam roll victory with the defense dominating the Jets.

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