Good Night Sweet Prince (Money Ball)

Another week of the NFL season has passed. I would like to first congratulate my opponent this week Cornhole Partner Ryan Mitchell. You put up a hell of a fight. Unfortunately your team was simply no match for the performance of OBJ and Nick Chubb on Monday Night Football. 

This week was not all great for the Money Ball teams. As even when you invest smartly you are not immune to the injury bug. Which in week two of the NFL season was the main story line. 

Victims of the outbreak were Alshon Jeffery and David Njoku. Both men were big performers in week one so their presence was sorely missed. Jeffery has a calf strain and is questionable, when as Njoku is out with a concussion. This will make selecting a tight end very tricky. As I am sure the Colts and Eagles tight ends are taken. 

The unfortunate first quarter injury to Njoku cost me the matchup up in my 8 Team League. Losing by twenty points. Would Njoku made the difference on his own? No, but assuming he would have gotten a few more catches leads me to believe that Baker Mayfield’s score would have risen as well. The Jets did a great job early in the game containing the gunslinger with different looking formations. Had Baker had his favorite checkdown target things could have been different. In fact the play Njoku got hurt on was exactly that. The Jets sent mixed messages forcing Baker to hold on to the ball way to long, when he eventually found his pressure valve in Njoku it should have been a first down. Instead after a devastating hit it was an incomplete pass and a loss of the star tight end.

OBJ was back to his old self with six receptions for over one hundred yard and a TD. Nick Chubb also returned to form with sixty two yards and a TD. I think there is still yet another level Chubb can reach. With Njoku out he could see more receptions out of the backfield. 

Something to keep an eye on moving forward is the quarterback battle on both my teams. Matt Ryan in the TFTB League and Baker Mayfield in the 8 Team League. I have Kyler Murray as the backup in both. He has averaged over sixteen points in both starts so far. The kid maybe skittish to watch but he is becoming a fantasy darling. If either QB is facing a good pass defense I would be tempted to star Murray again.

At the end of the day I am happy with both performances. 140 points in the 8 Team League is nothing to turn your nose up at. The TFTB league is made or broken by the bottom half of your roster. Ryan’s team performed well, but mine simply performed as expected.

Let us know if you have any questions about Money Ball, draft strategies, line up decisions. Bellow are the scores from both matchups and as always thanks for sitting on the bench with us. Goodnight Cleveland!



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