Keep Your Heads Up, Steeler Fans

There is obviously a lot to worry about, but not enough to renounce our fanhood over. Ben going down is a HUGE hit to our season, but he’ll be back hopefully healthier next year in (probably) his final season. We don’t have AB, we don’t have Le’Veon, and we sure as hell don’t have a solid defense. But there is hope.

We were able to thankfully land a trade for Dolphins DB Minkah Fitzpatrick. If you’ve seen him play, you should feel good about this. It also only realistically cost us a 2020 first round pick. He brings much needed talent to our miserable secondary. With Mike Hilton’s sporadic ass on IR, Minkah will fill the safety spot and then eventually move over to nickel corner. This is an all-pro talent that we should be stoked to have on the roster.

Usher in the Mason Rudolph era (early). He’s a 2nd year guy who has a LOT of talent from being a remarkable talent coming out of Oklahoma State. The dude broke collegiate records in his sleep. By no means is he Ben, but I think this will be a great trial season to see if he is gonna be our future. If you remember correctly, in 2004 Ben came in for Tommy Maddox and led us to a 15-1 record and then a Super Bowl the following year.

Who knows what Mase is capable of. Sunday, we got to see a lot of composure, smart decisions and two touchdown passes to Vance McDonald. The pick he had wasn’t his fault, because Donte Moncrief couldn’t catch a beach ball let alone a football. It’s early, and he needs experience. But it does give us something new and exciting to hopefully look forward to in the future.

Don’t forget our long term guys. We still have talent like JuJu, James, Watt, and Devin Bush for a long time. We have these building blocks of young talent and just need to work out some subtle kinks that I’m sure a few more barbecues and fishing trips could fix. Ok maybe also if Randy Fichtner pulled his head out of his ass and our defense played as if they wanted to be there instead of two hand touch football at a family reunion.

I digress, we still have plenty to be happy about moving forward despite this rough patch that EVERY team goes through at some point.

Finally and most importantly please remember we are still THE Pittsburgh Steelers. Six time Super Bowl champions, the owners of the most AFC North titles ever, the only AFC team other than any team that had Brady or Manning to snag a ship in the last 15 years. THE Steel Curtain.

We are a franchise packed with gridiron legends, great records and an unbreakable identity. We may struggle from time to time but WE KNOW WHO THE FUCK WE ARE. We WILL bounce back, we WILL be ok, and we WILL be a top tier team again before we know it and be able to look back at how far we’ve come since. Don’t overreact or be a fair weather fan, just trust believe and support like the loyal fan base I know we are. Here. We. Go.

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