Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 3


Start of the Week –

Dak Prescott vs Miami Dolphins

I mean this one is pretty obvious right? The Dolphins have surrendered 102 total points over the last two games. They are virtually the worst NFL team this year. Dak however has thrown seven touchdowns and one pick in the last two weeks. If you have Prescott on your team he is a must start against the most favorable match up in the 2019 season. I expect a three to four touchdown performance out of Prescott this week.

Josh Allen vs Cincinnati Bengals

Josh Allen is becoming sort of a fantasy dark horse on the rise these last two weeks. He gets a very vulnerable Bengals defense who has stunk up the joint allowing almost 20 points a game to opposing quarterbacks. Allen can run as well which makes him a dual-threat as the Bengals just gave up about 259 rushing yards last week to the San Francisco 49ers. Allen is a must start this week.

Matt Stafford vs Philadelphia Eagles

Stafford has surprisingly been an okay guy to start in fantasy over the last two weeks. He wasn’t great, but he wasn’t terrible either. This Philadelphia opponent has suffered huge injuries after last week’s game against the Falcons, making their defense a highly combustable experience for the Lions to gorge on this week. The defense has given up over 600 passing yards to quarterbacks over the last two weeks so Stafford is a fair play here.

Matt Ryan vs Indianapolis Colts

Ryan hasn’t been a huge stud this year as of late tossing as many touchdowns as he has interceptions (that’s five each if you are counting). I do like his matchup this week though against a Colts defense whose given up about nineteen points to quarterbacks in fantasy. Ryan is also playing in a dome and does exceptionally better inside. Start him this week if you got him.

Mitch Trubisky vs Washington Redskins

Look I get it. It is really hard to start Trubisky right now with the offense looking like complete garbage. However, he didn’t start that hot last year and around the third or fourth week he got it together with Coach Nagy. The Redskins matchup is also a favorable one with Washington giving up twenty six points to quarterbacks over the last two weeks. Something about this week just gives me a good feeling with Trubisky.


Jimmy Garaoppolo vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Kyler Murray vs Carolina Panthers

Jameis Winston vs New York Giants


Sit of the Week –

Carson Wentz vs Detroit Lions

This one might surprise some people, but Carson Wentz is my sit of the week this week. Detroit proved to be a defense front against Philip Rivers and got a pick off of him. Wentz has limited weapons now with basically only Zach Ertz and Nelson Agholor. I don’t trust the run game here either which will cause Wentz to throw often and make mistakes. It is hard to sit him, but keep him on your bench this week or play him with extreme risk.

Jared Goff vs Cleveland Browns

Goff has not been a great quarterback this year throwing for under five hundred yards with two touchdowns and a pick in two games. Now he faces a Cleveland defense who has proven that they have a little bite left in the dog. Goff is not a favorable match up this week with the Browns so keep him on your bench this week.

Baker Mayfield vs Los Angeles Rams

Speaking of the Browns, I am also putting their quarterback Baker Mayfield on this list. In Monday’s game even though Mayfield connected well with Odell Beckham Jr, I am very uncertain for this matchup with Mayfield against the Rams defense. I expect them to cover Odell for a lot of this game making Baker’s passing options limited and to put pressure on the kid. His stats as of last game are 610 yards, two touchdowns and four interceptions. Enough said.

Joe Flacco vs Green Bay Packers

Flacco uncharacteristically hasn’t done that terrible in fantasy this year after facing the Raiders and the Bears his first two starting games as a Bronco. However he travels to Green Bay to take on a much improved defense that has held both Mitch Trubisky and Kirk Cousins to limited fantasy points. Flacco’s weapons will be sliced and diced in this one I’m afraid making it very hard to trust him on the road.

Mason Rudolph vs San Francisco 49ers

This sit really isn’t based on the matchup but it will be Mason Rudolph’s first official NFL start for the Steelers and they are away at San Francisco whose defense has become a monster threat over the past two weeks. In time I believe Rudolph could be an answer to Big Ben, but just for the sake of being safe I wouldn’t start him this game.


Jacoby Brissett vs Atlanta Falcons

Kirk Cousins vs Oakland Raiders

Daniel Jones vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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