Fitzmagic Is Here, and I Love It

On my life, since the draft the only thing i could say about the Steelers trading up to the 10th pick was “But…the Steelers NEVER do this?!” I couldn’t imagine the Pittsburgh Steelers trading assets to acquire a player the fans wanted. Preposturious! Well guys…..I’m so happy to say…it’s happened again. Welcome, Minkah Fitzpatrick!

The big issue here is plain and simple – “Did we really have to give up a first though?” Yes, we absolutely did. We did because that’s what the Dolphins asked for and we need proven DB health. Minkah was chosen by the Dolphins at 11 in the 2018 draft, a draft where he was SUPPOSED to go to the Browns at 4. Minkah is the “QB of the defense” type of player, extremely reminiscent of recent draft pick Jamaal Adams. They set the price for a guy the Steelers need.

I am absolutely in love with this trade people. In the words of my least favorite NBA LeBron Lover Brian Windhurst, “Draft picks are like cars on a lot. The car is worth so much, but the second that car leaves that lot, it’s not as vaulable.” Why in Pittsburgh do we still assume we can draft first round talent? Jarvis Jones, Bud Dupree, Artie Burns, Terrell Edmunds, and Ziggy Hood lead an unimpressive list of missed picks, the worst part of this list being that TOMLIN WAS A DB COACH.

Why not take a stab at a guy who’s still in his rookie deal and was projected as a top 4 pick? They weren’t trading away anything but another potential missed selection by the team in a draft dominated by offensive lineman. This is a great pick for us, especially if we think Mason is our guy for the future.

This is not a trade where we sacrifice our future for something. He was literally drafted the same year as Edmunds and trust me, we would have rather taken Minkah. Nelson and Haden have been doing well on the sides, but Edmunds and Davis sontinue to be burnt. We can’t trust out backups, and now we finally have a player that can help cover behind a young Devin Bush.

This. Is. A. Good. Thing. Guys. Many of you are ready to hand the keys to a (rather average) dynasty to a second year quarterback…so why not hand the keys to the defense to a second year defensive QB?

No corners in this draft are near the right now talent of Minkah, and honestly if you think we would have gotten a game changing guy, you might be right…in three years. Let’s go all in one a situation most of us tried to avoid all day.

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