Mitch Marner Signed

Well kids, it’s time to pucker up those assholes. Mitch Marner is officially a Toronto Maple Leaf. For the next six years the Leafs will be paying Marner just shy of eleven million dollars. Damn that’s a lot of guacamole. However they essentially do two things.

One they can assure that for the long term the Toronto Maple Leafs have four of the most exciting and dynamic forwards in the game. There for basically assuring them a playoff appearance.

Two, they keep Mitch Marner off of every other rooster in the NHL. It is weird to think about it that way. But a guy like Marner is a guy you rather have on your side. Had he gone to Montreal, Long Island, New York, Florida, wherever he immediately makes that team credible and a team you don’t want to play. 

Now moving forward the Leafs will have a serious cap problem as their top four guys are eating up half of their cap. Particularly their defence is piecemeal. This season they will be ok, but after this year it can get sketchy quickly. 

Another big bonus for the Leafs is that Marner essentially did not miss a moment of camp, or more importantly the regular season. This is huge. If this was hanging over the Leafs through camp it would have been terrible. Also it’s hard to account for your roster when one of the biggest pieces is missing. So you avoid all of that chaos and drama so you can just focus on playing hockey.

All and all its a big move for the Leafs. The Marner contract also seems to be the boulder that has shifted unlocking the rest of the RFA Market. Hopefully we see some of the other guys signing soon. Because the teams who are in camp right now without them are surely scrambling to end the negotiations soon.

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