Top 5 Reasons To Hate Penn State

If you’re from Pennsylvania you’re either Pitt or Penn State, simple as that. Being born and raised in Pittsburgh, and having a dad who works at Pitt made my decision very easy. Growing up I didn’t mind Penn State, I enjoyed watching the games and really didn’t understand the whole rivalry concept. However, as the years went on and I got wiser I realized that like 99.9% of the population I developed a strong hatred for Penn State. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join in on the fun of hating Penn State.

#5. James Franklin

To be honest, the guy is a complete Jagoff. The world saw this when he made comments after the Pitt and Penn State game in 2017. After losing to Pitt in the previous year, Franklin was quoted saying, “For their win last year, it was like winning the Super Bowl. For us this year it was like beating Akron.” As a Pitt fan I was not happy with these comments, and felt that it not only disrespected Pitt, but also Akron University. But hey its a rivalry so you just have to let those words fuel the fire.

#4. “WE ARE”

Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 7.55.33 PM

These two words combined together are quite possibly the most annoying phrase ever. You could be walking down the street and hear someone shout those words and a stranger 5 blocks away will yell back “Penn State,” cool right? Absolutely not.. I personally think if you yell out the phrase “We Are”, you aren’t intelligent enough to make a full sentence and our hoping someone else could finish it for you. Actually, I will give you a hand with this one, “We Are…losers, We Are the worst, or my favorite We Are Jagoffs  *shameless plug – head over to TFTB Store

#3. Penn State Sex Scandal

#2. Mascot
Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 8.09.18 PM

For those of you who may not know, Penn State’s mascot is the Nittany Lion. What is a Nittany Lion you may ask? Well honestly it’s not even a real animal, but if you google it you’ll find that its referred to as a mountain lion that called Mount Nittany home. I guess the name itself is cool and original for the central PA university, however the actual mascot itself OY VEY.
For starters, to my knowledge the mascot doesn’t even have a name? How are you supposed to love and cherish something that is nameless? Also a lion is supposed to be fierce and courageous, but their mascot is far from that. It honestly looks like he’s been hiding in a cave starving itself to death. If it wasn’t for the super warm scarf, who knows if it would have made it out alive!

#1. Their Fans

The number one reason everyone should hate Penn State is because of their fans *cough cough TFTB Smalls*.  Being a sports fan requires you to be passionate about your team day in and day out, however Penn State Fans take this to a whole new level. This “Cult like” fanbase is passionate about their team and believe their team is one of the best; arrogance plus 100. I will admit they are consistent each year, but are they the best? Not a chance. Sure, they finish with winning records, but what do they actually win? Penn State hasn’t won a National Championship since 1986, but yet their fans act like they are unstoppable. If they want to brag about their success they need to prove to me they are the best simple as that. Until then, their fans need a reality check and realize they are just a mediocre football school.

There you have it, my Top 5 Reasons to Hate Penn State. I’m looking forward to this Saturday’s game which is the 100th meeting between Pitt and Penn State. Let’s make sure we turn on those Victory Lights this year, as always Hail To Pitt!!

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