Let’s All Calm Down, Brownies

Calm down.

It was one game, yes, it was a terrible game, but it was one game.

There was an unprecedented amount of expectation going into this season for the Browns. With the acquisition of superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the expectations of this young and energetic Browns team was at an all time high.

Before the game, I saw some tweets and articles saying the Browns would go as good as 13-3, and basically everyone was picking them to make the playoffs.

Then Sunday happened.

The Browns got 18 (yes, 18) penalties and lost to the Titans 43-13 at home. It was an awful performance from the Browns, but there is plenty to be positive about.

To start, Odell Beckham, even at 80%, still looks good as ever. When we were not getting penalties left and right, he was an animal. He still has it, there is absolutely no question about that hip as well.

Minus the ten thousand penalties we had, the defensive line looked monstrous. The secondary, there could be questions of.

Now, for the bad.

To start, HOW THE FUCK DO YOU GET EIGHTEEN PENALTIES? I get some of the early penalties, first game, you want to go out there and hit people, but after the first half I told myself, “its a close game, Kitchens will lay into them at halftime and the penalties will stop after halftime.” But what was somewhat concerning, was they got worse. I don’t know if it was frustration or what, but the Browns cannot be giving away almost 250 yards in penalties in a game. On two occasions when the game was still close, they gave up points because of their penalties.

Harping on the penalties, people pointed the finger at Baker for throwing three interceptions. What do you expect the kid to do with multiple 1st and 25 plus situations? There was one drive where we got the ball from the Titans near the 50, and without even getting to second down, we were backed up all the way to our own 25 yard line.

Now tell me, how the hell are we going to win games like that? There is a 0% chance that we are going to win any game with those types of penalties.

One last thing about the penalties, the NFL referees are absolute garbage. There were a lot of penalties to be called in that game, but how in the world does OBJ get called for offensive pass interference? Butler was grabbing him the entire way down his route, and the second OBJ remotely pushes him, the refs throw a penalty at him.

It was a frustrating game to say the least, but there are plenty more games to be played. Can’t focus on the last one too much, can only move forward from here!

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