What we Know – Week 1

I hate football. I love football, but more importantly I hate it. I feel like no matter the amount of time you put into knowing any aspect of this sport it can all just come crumbling down so easily because of one little detail.

I like to follow the Dan Lebatard method of football – what do we actually know? I think there are a few things I’m certain of already this season, but realistically all of things I think I know this week will be wrong next week. I know that the Patriots will have a winning record. I know the Patriots will win their division. I know that there will be two teams at the Super Bowl, one of which will most likely be the Patriots. As for the “facts” I will put below, they could all change by next week.

Here are the things that we all might be able to agree on are FACTS after week one :

The Chiefs are still the best offense in football

The Bucs suck and this will be Winton’s last year in Tampa Bay

The Seahawks are in love with D.K. Metcalf as much as we were during the draft process

Hollywood Brown is who I thought he was

Lamar Jackson is a darkhorse MVP canidate

The Bengals actually aren’t as bad as we predicted

Baker still has a lot to learn

This Patriots team is the greatest team of all time and it sucks

The Bears D is elite

Kyler Murray looked shell shocked

Larry Fitz never lost it

John Ross looks good at football

Jimmy G will get benched for Nick Mullen at some point

Oh. and the Miami Dolphins are absolutely not trying to win a game at all. like, at all.

I pray to the football gods that a team emerges to dethrone the Pats. It won’t happy, but man do I pray for it. Rams, Chiefs, Saints, Panthers, Steelers (after we get the wild care). Those are the teams who can do it. and sadly…I’m just too deflated to care right now. Get it?

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