Moneyball Week One

What up What up, Football is back. And with it comes the best version of the sport, Fantasy Football. It has been well documented on Thoughts From the Bench that I have a very unique drafting system. Using what I call the Moneyball scheme I attempt to capture the star players from three teams to assemble my roster. The idea is that by selecting three teams that will get ten or more wins in a season you give yourself a higher chance to win every week. Also considering they will be fighting for playoff position through the late part of the season you get peak performances during fantasy playoffs.

This year’s targeted teams were, the Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts. I applied this method in two different leagues. The TFTB 14 team league. And a league with my friends that only has 8 teams.

With Monday Night Football still left to play my two matchups this week are basically over. So how did the Moneyball Scheme work in Week One?

Really well. I won both matchups handedly. Beating my opponents by no less than fifty points. I also scored the most points of any team in either league. 

Some key takeaways. Even though two out of the three teams lost we saw good numbers from most of the key guys. David Njoku got some steady work this week, and even though they lost Baker Mayfield was average amongst QBs.

Marlon Mack was a stud for me this week. If he can stay healthy he could help carry my teams to the promised land. 

Also can we just take a moment and be thankful for the Eagles Wide Receiving core. Good lord, Alshon Jeffery and DeSEan Jackson went off this week. 

One thing to watch moving forward will be Nick Chubb. He was just ok this week. After last season’s explosion we knew there could be set backs, but hopefully this is an outlier. 

I posted both of my Rosters below if anyone is interested in the full team.

8 Team League

Thoughts From The Bench 14 Team League

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