The Great Blogdini: Josh Allen is NOT Nate Peterman

Hey Guys, Blogdini here and I want to set the record straight here on this beautiful Monday morning.

There was some slander thrown around the bench on Sunday during the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets game. After his four first half turnovers, a certain someone decide to go out on social media and say that Josh Allen is worse than Nate Peterman.

Now, I can’t just let a slanderous remark like this slide. It’s is utterly ridiculous. You can’t compare Josh Allen, a guy who has one of the strongest arms in the NFL. A guy who has gone out and won ball games. A guy who literally hurdled a man last year, put his body on the line, and led his team to their first win of the season in his VERY FIRST START.


Plus, not only did Allen bounce back from a 16-0 deficit he smiled at it. In a post game interview with, 12-year veteran linebacker and team captain Lorenzo Alexander tried to give Allen some encouragement.

“I said, ‘We’re still in it. Keep going.” Alexander told Allen.

Allen looked back at the 12-year NFL veteran, smiled, and said: “Yeah, I got this.”

And Allen’s Week 1 comeback was born. He went 8 for 10 passing in the 4th quarter, bullied his way into the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown run and then hit John Brown with a 38-yard touchdown pass to give the Bills a one point yea.

YEA, THAT’s JOSH ALLEN FOR YOU!!!!!! The Bills are Undefeated.

-The Great Blogdini

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