AB Has Been Released

WHAT IS GOING ON. Antonio Brown has just willed himself to be released, a move that is just so unbelievable….unbelievable. AB got traded to the Raiders for a 3rd and a 5th, a move so many idiots said was just a terrible trade for the Steelers.

This is by far the wildest sports story I have ever seen. A late round draft pick receiver works his ass off to become the games best, gets angry because his QB has privelages he doesn’t causes a stir, gets traded to a team he wanted to be traded to (he turned down the trade to the bills), goes to the raiders, says he wants to be a light of good enegry, burns his feet off, files two complains for a helmet he knew was illegal, gets fined for missing practices and walk throughs and posts it on his social channels, tries to fight the teams GM and cusses him out, apologizes, gets fined again, releases arguably the most fire short film of all time and then posts an IG picture basically saying “release me”.

WHAT. IS. HAPPENING. What does AB even want right now? Like….he had it MADE in Pittsburgh. Dude legit was treated like a King here but he thought the grass was greener on the other side. I cannot believe this is what comes from arguably the greatest Steelers WR ever.

I’m absolutely LIVID if I’m Derek Carr. Think about it…you are an MVP candidate one year, break your leg on a team we all thought was super bowl bound, come back with a shitty team, they hire a new head coach who sends away your BEST receiver and the second best defensive player in the league, hires a draft analyst as GM and then brings in the most toxic player EVER?!?!? Man if I’m Carr, im asking for a trade too at this point.

Buckle up buttercups. This isn’t over yet. I promise you AB will file with the NFLPA over the language used to take away his money. But hey, he’s not even a Raider anymore so who the hell knows what happens.

If he goes to the Patriots, I’m cutting NE fans our of my life. Just saying.

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