My Top Ten Songs of Summer 2019

With summer rapidly approaching its end there have been some great songs that have come out of this one. 2019 has brought us some of the best from rock, metal, country and sadly even pop. What I am going to do is give you what i believe to be some of the best songs that have brought me joy in the realm that is music. The catch is that only one song per artist or band. There will be no doubles on here even though I wanted to put those on here because some of these artists and groups really impressed me. Anyway let us get started, these are my top ten songs of 2019.


Sucker – Jonas Brothers


Yeah I get it I know whatever a lot of hate is going to be coming towards me for this, but even though I didn’t care much for this boy band when they started they surprised me with their song Sucker. Even though the song was released in March it climbed its way to the top of the charts and was one of the best songs to listen to this summer. I hate pop music with a burning passion, but for some reason this one stuck out to me a way that I didn’t mind dancing around to it whenever it played.


Hey Ma – Bon Iver


Though some people have their views on Bon Iver’s music I really enjoy it and was excited for his new album entitled i,i. The song Hey Ma off this record was very enjoyable to listen to and honestly gave me butterflies in my stomach and tears in my eyes. It has been a while since a track like this has made me a little emotional and for that reason it lands a spot on this list at the number nine slot. I encourage you to give this one a listen to and just enjoy it at its fullest because this one is amazing to me.


Parents – YUNGBLUD


I was unaware of this individual until this song was recommended to me. I absolutely enjoyed this track as the teenage angst in my body was crying out to it. Just the simple message that parents ain’t always right made me think of my old self in rebellion and being a punk. This song had that message, but also the music around it was good as well. The music style makes me think of 21 Pilots mixed with Lil Peep and I enjoyed it dearly. The best part about this song is just how so in your face and different it is which is a really good thing to me in the music world. If it is different than the average pop garbage chances are I’ll probably like it which I did. It’s funny, it’s the over the top, and just nuts. Give it a listen.


Bad Guy – Billie Eilish


I so wanted to put bury a friend on this list instead of this one, but I had to go with the one that made the summer charts which was bad guy. Billie’s style of music is strange (some would say weird) and interesting. The young superstar has climbed up the charts of music as her album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? dropped on streaming charts in March. Some would argue and say now wait a minute. This song came out in March so how is it summer? Believe me when I tell you every morning or afternoon I was at work this summer this song was on the radio or someone was playing it from their phone. It was very much enjoyed by people and by me as well. It is a breathe of something odd and something new which always intrigues my attention.


Earfquake – Tyler The Creator


This was an interesting one for me. It was released in the middle of May and ever since then it has been one of my favorite songs to listen to this summer. Tyler goes in a completely new style that I am very impressed with on this album Igor. The rapping is replaced until the end of the song with clean vocals and comedy that are just pure gold to me. The song brings us a new sense of life and joy with Earfquake being a song that I just couldn’t stop listening to this summer. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope all of you do as well.


Beer Never Broke My Heart – Luke Combs


This was the song that was played at bonfires, tailgates, pre season football games, etc. If you were out with your friends drinking chances are this song was being played. I grew up on country music and classic rock so when I hear country music these days I am not too impressed. However, Luke Combs has come out and shocked me virtually with everything he has put out in his career. He is good and so his song Beer Never Broke My Heart. I love it. The message of it is funny yet true and the music and lyrics are quite good as well.


Story Of My Bros (Acoustic)

– Dance Gavin Dance


Sometimes all it takes an acoustic version of a song to make you appreciate it even more. That was the case for Dance Gavin Dance as they teamed up with multiple artists on the new Punk Goes Acoustic Volume 3 album. They decided to use the song Story Of My Bros from their album Artificial Selection and man was it amazing to listen to. Acoustic music is something that I have grown to love and with Tillian’s vocals amazing me in this rendition it made me love it even more. Take a look at this one if acoustic music is your thing or you are a fan of Dance Gavin Dance like me.


Rescue Me

– Marshmello ft. A Day To Remember


When this song came out I just couldn’t believe my ears. Before I listened to it, I was so mad thinking A Day To Remember had sold out working with Marshmello who does commercially driven EDM music. Then I decided to give it a listen. Man was I wrong. This song was amazing. Never had I been so wrong about a collaboration in my life. This song gave us the hard style of A Day To Remember while also giving us that flare of EDM that Marshmello brings. The video itself gives off a Castaway vibe with some comedy elements thrown in as well with incredible visuals. Jeremy’s vocals are also very well done in this song too. Fans might be split on this one, but this collaboration between the two was incredible to me and I enjoyed listening to it all summer long so why don’t you give it a listen and find out for yourself?


No Halo – Brockhampton


This was such a surprise as this song came out only five days ago with their new album Ginger coming out on August 23rd and it is already one of my favorite tracks of the whole summer. Brockhampton has been made famous for being one of the most creative and overall crazy boy bands to ever hit the internet and music itself. However, the comedy elements from their normal routine are gone completely gone from their track No Halo which brings a more serious and mature tone to the group. The song itself is beautiful with such an amazing hook from Deb Nevers is honestly incredible especially with Matt Champion and Merlyn coming in when they need to. The other members add their own unique style to the song as well and as different as they each sound from one another they blend so well together on this song that it is amazing. This song is amazing, the video is spine chilling and it is such a pleasure to put this song as the runner up even though it came out five days ago. So what is number one you ask?


Solway Firth – Slipknot


If you didn’t think I was putting one of my favorites band on here when they released a new album in the summer of 2019 then you were mistaken my friends. Maybe I am still riding the crazy wave of what I experienced at their concert I went to on the 23rd of August, but honestly now that I think about it there wasn’t a song I listened to more this summer than this one. Solway Firth was such a surprise from Slipknot because everyone thought their darker and heavier style died when they finished their second album Iowa. That wasn’t the case as this song delivers such a strong style of music that I have not experienced in a very long time. Hearing this live was incredible while moshing in the pit and if I can enjoy it normally and live then there is something special here. The video is very dark and violent going along as a promoter for the TV show The Boys on Amazon Prime Video. I recommend you watch that as well as the violence in the show works in complete sync with the hard metal that Slipknot delivers on this song. An absolute must to listen to and the best song that could come out of summer 2019.

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