2019 NFL First Team All-Drama Offense

In all professional sports there are prima donnas, drama queens and shit starters.  But increasingly so in the NFL.  So for this upcoming season, I have comprised a team of 1st class players with drama circling them.  And here… we… go

QB: Josh Rosen – Miami Dolphins


After his falling out in Arizona, this guy is clearly out to prove something.  The Cardinals drafted him the year prior and then dump his ass because new coach’s Kliff Kingsbury has a “special” connection with 2019 #1 overall pick Kyler Murray.  Rosen was outspoken about it which most analysts disagree with, but it made for a juicy story.

RB: Kareem Hunt – Cleveland Browns


As most of you might know, Hunt was arrested last season for kicking a woman, leading to his release from the Kansas City Chiefs.  He was picked up shockingly fast by the Browns despite being handed an 8 game suspension.  With the new team, and the suspension not lasting all season, I feel that all eyes will be on the mighty roundhouse running back.

RB: LeVeon Bell – New York Jets 


After his long and dramatic holdout with the Pittsburgh Steelers last year, the piss poor rapper signed a disappointing contract with the New York Jets for the only advantage of more GUARANTEED money.  This year he’ll be trying to prove that he is worth the money by producing, staying healthy, and as Stephen A.  Smith would say “STAY OFF THE WEEEEED”.

WR: Odell Beckham Jr. – Cleveland Browns


This dude can’t stay out of drama even if he tried.  After becoming the heavy weight champ in net fighting, dating rifts, and internal drama with the Giants, New York decided that was enough and shipped his crying ass off to Cleveland to “die” as OBJ put it.  He’s on a mission with the “rebuilt” Browns this year, so let’s see if he can amount to something more than a guy who occasionally makes a one handed catch.

WR: Antonio Brown – Oakland Raiders


This has probably been the most popular drama this offseason.  After AB threw the entire Pittsburgh Steelers organization under the bus and attempted to ruin team chemistry, he went on a wild Rumspringa of sorts with blonde mustaches, illiterate Cameo videos, and bogus interviews.  AB now sits with the Oakland Raiders where he will be on the first losing team he’s ever been on.  He also can’t figure out if he wants to play because he wants to wear a diaper instead of a league safety  certified helmet.  Good luck Raider Nation.

WR: Tyreek Hill – Kansas City Chiefs


Accompanying former teammate Kareem Hunt, Hill also had some of the field domestic issues.  He went from being suspended, to innocent back to guilty to acquitted.  His story is a mystery at this point but with incidents like that and the fans concession incident are proving him to be a drama magnet.

TE: Jimmy Graham – Green Bay Packers


You might be surprised by this one, but Jimmy is a guy who has recently been widely criticized for “not having the it factor anymore”.  Jimmy has responded by saying that he’s ready to “prove everyone wrong” with a resurgent season paired with Aaron Rodgers.

Stay tuned for the 2019 NFL First Team All-Drama Defense…


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