NCAA Amends the “Rich Paul” Rule

Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore


Recently one of the hottest stories in the sports world has been the “Rich Paul” rule.  This was something recently drafted up by the crooked ass NCAA that requires agents of young players entering the draft to have to have a bachelors degree and an NBPA license to represent their clients.  When if you really think about it, is bullshit.

Rich Paul is involved because he is arguably the most prolific and successful agent in the NBA today representing the likes of high profile stars such as LeBron James and many others.  Rich does not have a degree, and is known as one of the best underdog stories of all time in the sports business industry.  The NCAA as always apparently had a problem with that, saying that young men entering a profession (of basketball) need to be represented by a true professional agent claiming that the only way that can happen is if their agents have a degree and are vetted through a ridiculous test.  The NCAA is notorious for being corrupt and corporately annoying while always getting away with it… here’s my take;

If a man or woman is successful at their job, you look at their capabilities and their professional track record.  Their degree should not matter if they are the best at what they do.  There are plenty of military members that operate jobs that they are “under qualified for” by societal standards.  Which shouldn’t matter. If you are going to hire anyone for anything, does it truly matter where they went to school or what degree they received?  Absolutely not, you want the best man for the job and there are plenty of agents just like Rich Paul that deserve to represent whoever chooses them based off of talent.  The NCAA should not be able to dictate another profession.  If a young man or woman embarking on their professional journey hires someone, that’s HIS or HER decision NOT the NCAA’s.  They needed to back down from this and realize where their authority actually lies. Thankfully they did amend it after countless complaints and arguments against their new rule.

LET THE AGENTS DO THEIR JOB, NCAA.  I am very happy this got amended.  There is no reason that anyone other than the owning company should demand requirements from employees that aren’t their own.  Rich Paul, you are a boss.  He and others like him need to keep doing what they’re doing, and proving the societal standard of needing an unnecessarily expensive degree to be useless.  Rant over.

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