Ranking The SummerSlam 2019 Matches

Yowie Wowie what a SummerSlam! I will have to admit this SummerSlam was very good and amazing to watch with my wrestling friends in the Thoughts From The Bench Wrestling League. However, some of you might be asking what match was the best from SummerSlam? Well I decided to wait until after RAW and Smackdown Live, but I finally answer that question today. It is important to know I will not be counting the Buddy Murphy vs Apollo Crews match or the Women’s Tag Team Title match as they were added in last second. With that being said here are 2019 SummerSlam matches ranked!





Goldberg vs Dolph Ziggler


I knew right from the start that this match was going to be a squash match and when you can predict those right off the back then the fun is taken out of the equation. The match essentially had Ziggler attempt two superkicks right away which stunned the crowd and myself for a moment, but then Goldberg hit the Spear and the Jackhammer for the victory. It was also quite confusing when Ziggler got on the mic and said Goldberg wasn’t man enough to beat him fairly. So Goldberg came down not once but twice and hit him with two more Spears. Very confusing to me and almost silly in a Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels kind of way which is why it is last on my list.






Bayley vs Ember Moon

SmackDown Women’s Championship


Some people can say what they want about this match, but for me I wasn’t really impressed. Overall, it wasn’t a bad match, but honestly I wasn’t really invested in either character and that is never a good sign especially with a crucial title like the SmackDown Women’s Championship. To me it also seemed like these two didn’t have any real buildup or chemistry together and that is why it is second to last.






Drew Gulak vs Oney Lorcan

Cruiserweight Championship


Overall, this match was done nicely, but I thought for a while that this was supposed to be a cruiserweight match and honestly it just didn’t feel like it. There were no high flying moves in this match and high flying moves are one of the top crucial points that go along with the title and the matches. That was the sole purpose of 205 Live being created and I had to say I was disappointed. Still a decent match, but when you take the high flying element out it just felt strange to me. Gulak got the pin on Lorcan and looks to the future for competition for his title hopefully not on the Preshow next time.






Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair


This match knew what it wanted to be. It was a legend putting over another talent. I love when this happens, but the thing that went south for me with this match was the time limit. This match was way too long, and I know that they probably did it since Trish was in her hometown and it was probably her last match. However, again this match was too long especially since Trish hasn’t wrestled in a good while which you could tell if you have a good eye from some slight ring rust. No disrespect because both ladies did very well, but it just wasn’t my cup of tea.






Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton

WWE Championship


The long awaited return of a rivalry I cherished in 2010; Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton. At that time Kofi was a mid-card wrestler and Orton was on the top. It was the first time in a long time that I saw a middle wrestler take on one of the big dogs of the company and man it did not disappoint. Sadly, politics got in the way with Orton and Kofi’s big push he had been looking for was iced off. Fast forward to SummerSlam 2019. Kofi is now the WWE Champion and Orton is the challenger. These two were set to have a great match and I think from hearing the crowd they really didn’t like it and I am sad to say I didn’t either. The same chemistry wasn’t there and it took a toll down the line of the match when the crowd started chanting “Kofi is stupid” and “Randy Sucks”. Plus the finish of the match was just awful in my mind as a very quick ten count resulted in a no contest between the two setting up some kind of future match. Orton looked at Kofi’s son in a devious way and Kofi let loose with a kendo stick after the bell rang. There is no point of continuing the feud if it just won’t win over the crowd, but I am gonna be optimistic and hope for a better match in the future.



Becky Lynch vs Natalya

Submission Match

Raw Women’s Championship


I honestly thought this match was going to be higher on my list, but sadly it falls into the middle of my ranking. There really wasn’t anything wrong with this match, but there was something that kind of rubbed me the wrong way; it was first on the card. Now that might seem a little silly, but Becky is one of the top stars in the company and the RAW Women’s Champion. What sense does it make to put a match like this first. The answer is it doesn’t. It drew the crowd’s energy away early and it hindered some match participation down the road from the audience. Overall, the match was very good though. They used their finishers and their opponents’ finishers as well with Becky coming out on top. Natalya is a great worker, but there is no doubt they gave her a match here since they were in Canada. Becky needs some competition and since a fresh heel Sasha Banks is back you can “bank” on that happening.






Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

If Kevin Owens Loses He Quits WWE


Going into this I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that Kevin Owens wasn’t going to lose this match. With AEW on the rise WWE would be foolish to let one of their best superstars go free agent to play for a new rising company. However, my premonition of the match didn’t stop me from enjoying this match. Shane started off by letting everyone know that there was going to be a special guest ring enforcer in the form of Elias which already put Owens at a disadvantage. The two kept Owens at bay until the official was knocked out and Owens struck Elias with a chair multiple times putting him out of commission. Kevin was then about to hit Shane with the chair, but referee got up. So naturally, Owens gave the chair to the ref distracting him for long enough for Owens to hit Shane with a low blow and then a stunner for the one, two, three. This literally is Stone Cold vs Vince McMahon 2.0 and I love every second these two have together.






AJ Styles vs Ricochet

United States Championship


This match to me was just simply awesome and fast paced. The two high flying veterans of the wrestling business put on a show for the crowd to see and they didn’t disappoint. There were a lot of dangerous yet very effective spots in this match. This can include Ricochet jumping off the ropes with one leg which honestly just looked so easy to him. Another one had him using Gallows and Anderson as stepping stools on the outside to hit a hurricana on Styles. I mean the man literally stepped off Anderson’s shoulder to Gallows’s shoulder to hit that move on Styles. It was a an incredible highlight to watch. The finish made the match though as Ricochet attempted what looked like a Phoenix Splash only for AJ to catch him in mid air and hit the Styles Clash. Absolutely brilliant work between these two men. What a match! By the way, I definitely told everyone that Ricochet’s ring attire was a Nightwing outfit and people said it was Black Panther. It was definitely Nightwing attire confirmed so that was pretty awesome too!






Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins

Universal Championship


The main event takes second place on my ranking as the new defending Universal Champion Brock Lesnar faced off against former champion Seth Rollins. Rollins had defeated Lesnar at the grandest stage of them all; Wrestlemania 35. Brock had been gone after that only to return as a surprise late entry into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match winning the briefcase. He then cashed in on Rollins to regain the championship at Extreme Rules. Now that all the background is done, these two put on one crazy match. A match in which I thought Brock was going to win and carry the title all the way until Wrestlemania again. Well it was hard to swallow, but I was wrong and I am not complaining about the result either. I would much rather see the belt be carried by a fighting champion like Rollins than Lesnar. The match itself like all Brock’s matches were short and fast. In that timeframe however multiple curb stomps, german suplexes, frog splashes, super kicks and F-5’s occured. Lesnar even swung Seth around by the tape on his ribs for god sakes. In the end Seth planted Brock’s head in with the curb stomp and pinned him to win the Universal Championship. Amazing match!






Finn Balor vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt


This might have been sort of a squash match, but overall when the dust settled this match is what everyone was talking about. Mostly because it was the Fiend’s debut in the WWE. Never in my life had an entrance or the match itself creep me out yet excite me as a wrestling fan. The Fiend literally came out to a distorted take on Bray’s original theme with the words Let Me In across the titantron. Not only that but he literally carried a lantern that was his no I’m sorry Bray’s severed head with his eyes sewed shut and mouth open. I am not making this up people they went full horror movie with this thing it was absolutely chilling to see. To me I would say it was a symbol of the death of the old Bray Wyatt and the birth of “The Fiend” character. Like i said the match itself consisted of Bray dominating Finn with some retaliation on Finn’s part. Ultimately the match ended with Bray putting the Mandible Claw on Balor making him pass out. The finish was a little weird because normally that would be a submission victory yet the ref counted to three and called it a pinfall. I personally think this was done to get a reaction from the crowd and I don’t doubt the finisher will be submission based here on out, but man WWE has landed a goldmine with “The Fiend” character and the Firefly Funhouse and I doubt that anything will be bigger than this anytime soon in the modern day WWE.


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