They aren’t “busts”, but avoid the hype around these guys

I consider myself a fairly talented fantasy football players. What I mean by that is I enjoy gambling, was never able to really play football well, and have the quickest google fingers this side of Schefty.

Each year, the buzz for some guys just goes past the point of logic. I’m never really ever too outlandish in my hate for certain guys, and you as much as me can attest to the fact that simply put, some guys just aren’t attractive for Fantasy. I’m bored, it’s a monday, let’s give out some of my guys who I just don’t get the love for.

Curtis Samuel – WR – Carolina Panthers

I had to start here, right? I don’t HATE Samuel, but if you’ve checked out any list about fantasy this offseason, Samuel is one of the big names for he sleeper you need to target. The Panthers have an elite level offense (IF Newton is / can stay healthy) and I have CMC as an easy top five play, as does every other human being with a laptop. The Panthers also have D.J. Moore, the former Maryland receiver who is posed for a massive year.

My dislike for Samuel comes from a place of just pure “meh”. The guy hasn’t broke out, so just the fact that he’s right now the teams WR2 doesn’t scream “fantasy glory” to me. The roster also contains Chris Hogan, Torrey Smith and Jarius Wright, all who just flat out seem more relevant for “actual” football plays. I know the big point made to me with Samuel is his freakish athletic ability, but you tell me what he can do on a field and I’ll show you exactly how they’re going to use CMC this year. He’s worth a flier, just don’t expect to use him.

Chris Godwin – WR – Tampa Bay Bucs

Let the record show, I like Godwin. I liked him in college, I like Tampa this year, I like Winston….I just don’t LOVE them all this year. Again, this article isn’t to tell you to flat out avoid these guys, but don’t screw yourself this season by hyping up backups.

Godwin has been improving with each year, but a pretty similar situation to Samuel here…just because you’re listed as the #2, doesn’t mean you’re relevant in fantasy. Winston is basically on a prove it year with new head coach Arians at the helm. Arians is a QB coach, so I don’t see them going another year with Winston after this season. Godwin could be decent this year, but big dog eats first, and the big dog in Tampa is Mike Evans. The next dog up? O.J. Howard. The third dog? MAYBE Godwin. MAYBE.

Keke Coutee – WR – Houston Texans

This one’s tough for a couple of reasons, but plain and simple I don’t think the work load will be there for a third receiver on a consistent basis. Keke will line up as the third receiver for the Texans behind the best receiver in the NFL, DeAndre Hopkins, and former Notre Dame speedster Will Fuller V.

The big benefit for Keke this season is the recent cut of backup running back Foreman. Keke is the option for some trick play action when Miller gets hurt (which will happen), but honestly when it comes to fantasy, I avoid the special play guys. Coutee has a connection with QB Watson, so he has arguably the brightest spot out of anyone on this list to prove me wrong.

Chris Carson – RB – Seattle Seahawks

Last season, Chris Carson ran for 1,151 yards and 9 touchdowns. It should be a sin to have Carson on this list, but here we are. My major issues with Carson this year? The running back depth the Seahawks have. Remember how good J.D. McKissic was when he was the starter? How about C.J. Prosise? And remember last years first round pick Rashaad Penny? Cause the Seahawks sure do.

I like Carson as a late round selection, but with the current ADP of 4.5 (fourth round, fifth pick) there’s just so much talent on that round you can select. I wouldn’t be shocked if Carson fends off Penny for the starting job, but with a fourth round pick, are you willing to risk it?

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