Actor Throws Football Terribly Only For Me to Find Out He’s Married to Italia Ricci

We always wonder just how athletic our actors are. From Chris Pine to Chris Evans to Chris Pratt to Chris Hemsworth to Chris Christie, actors showing off their athletic chops will always been a topic of conversation.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Duff” (Duff stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend, fun fact) then you’ve seen this clip before. The dreamy, studly team quarterback and captain is being spoken to by the D.U.F.F. and well…she obviously took away from his throwing motion.

The actor, Robbie Amell, is best known to me as Scooby from How I Met Your Mother, Robin’s one (of about a trillion) boyfriends who reminds the rest of the group of a dog. Which is honestly funny to me, considering his movie role before that was “Fred” in Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.

The story goes that with a couple thousand dollas worth of camera and sound equipment in front of the actor, he was told to hit a PA 2 feet away.

Uhh, ok Robbie. First off, that would be a shovel pass. Literally one of the first scramble plays a good quarterback needs to know. Good luck going D1. For anyone who DOES want to play D1 football, fast forward to the :40 mark. This ones for Smalls.

Second, break the equipment. Everyone knows only the biggest of actors are so truly into their character that the outside world is just that…outside. The REAL Quarterback of that pretend stupid team would have thrown that ball 60 yards, only to go home and be berated by his step dad wearing a beater drinking a PBR (pounder of course) for not being better when we all know that step dad would have gone to the pros if it wasn’t for THAT GD BUM KNEE.

Robbie did…I guess…kind of…redeem himself with this clip below, proving that he could indeed throw a ball slightly better than in this movie.

The best part of this whole entire situation though is that if you’re a HUGE Designated Survivor fan like me, (almost as big as baseball) you’ll find a shock that this beta passer is married to Italia Ricci, who absolutely sent the best tweet of the entire saga.

So spark notes for the people who skimmed. The guy who all of our girlfriends loved growing up can’t throw a GD football to save his life. He is, however, married to Designated Survivor’s Italli Ricci. Just goes to show, the nerds really do get the girls.

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