The Wrestling League invades RAW

Last night the Wrestling League went to PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh to partake in WWE’s longest running episodic television show Monday Night RAW. The evening as a whole came with mixed reactions.

A few highlights for the League were as follows.

Bray Wyatt attacks Curt Angle. In person this is truly horrifying, it shocks the system, and hasn’t been common enough yet where you understand what is happening. But once you set eyes on The Fiend it’s pretty obvious that this is a great character.

Josh got to see his favorite AJ Styles

The closing segment with The Miz, Shawn Michaels, and Dolph Zigler was cool in the moment. Seeing HBK live is really cool, and anyone who has ever loved wrestling will pop. Than to get to see Goldberg come out and learn that he will face Ziggler at SummerSlam was really a great way to end the show.

Well that is till you think why the eff is Goldberg fighting Ziggler at SummerSlam.

The night served as more than a family outing for the league. There were stipulations in place to determine the team leaders for Survivor Series this fall. The rules were as follows. The league was split up into teams. Each member that was going was paired with someone who wasn’t going. The teams were as follows.

Anastasia and Justin

Kaeli and Conroy

Austin and Scelp

Elsass and Malek

Each pairing had to jointly fill out a predictions sheet about RAW. The teams could also earn bonus points by dressing up and making signs. 

Anastasia and Elsass made signs. Anastasia’s was done in traditional neon cardboard and it read, “UCE drink White Claw”.

Elsass done in the same efashion read, “The O.C. > Riverdale”.

Elsass also dressed up as AJ Styles, with homemade kick pads and side pant patches, paired with child gloves and a t-shirt.

Kaeli took insperation form outside the WWE by dressing up as everyones favorite Twitter Hardcore Legend, Super Humman.

When all the points were tallied it was Elsass and Malek that came out in the top spot. The pair will each have their own team at Survivor Series to captain. The first pick will be decided this weekend, by whichever member of the pair scores the highest total between TakeOver Toronto and SumerSlam.

Keep your eyes glued to TFTB Website and Facebook for your chance to participate in the TakeOver and Summer Slam pools. Plus follow along with the gang on the TFTB Instagram as they watch SummerSlam on Sunday night.

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