WOOT WOOT – We are so close to fantasy season I can taste it ladies and gents. I love Fantasy. I love Football. It just makes sense that I love Fantasy Football. This morning, I did a 12 team PPR mock draft from the 8 spot. As is the example for almost every year, I would highly recommend a higher spot than 6 this season just due to the workload of the top 5 guys, but that’s another blog for another day.

Lots of risk with this squad, but I’m not angry at it. If Gurley is healthy this year and plays as much as I’m expecting, I love taking him this season in the second. Jacobs worries me, but I have optomistic feelings for the kid. Am I winning the league with this squad? Maybe not without some additions. But this team will make the playoffs and with some moves during the season there’s no reason we wouldn’t win the chip.

Round 1

Off the rip McCaffrey, Barkley, Bell, Johnson, Kamara, Zeke and Hop all gone. I don’t hate the position we’re in, but the move here feels clearly WR. With Adams, Thomas, Jones, Hill and Odell up for grabs, the top RB’s available are Conner, Gurley and Mixon. Personally, I want the top end value for my pick, so this one was more based around guarenteed points. Julio it is.

Round 2

Top guys left for pick two are Gurley, Chubb, Kelce and AB. I feel the burning need to have to go running back here, just due to the lack of depth left in the position. Call me crazy, but we going Gurley. I get the injury concerns, but if he performs 3/4 of the season at max effort I’m very happy.

Round 3

Mahomes is here, but I’m more of a “take a QB in the 10th” kind of guy. We have a solid WR1 and a Questionably solid RB1, but guys remining at the top are Cooper, Ertz, Mack, Kittle and Jacobs. I don’t trust Mack, and it has nothing to do with him. I just don’t love the idea that the Colts use one running back this year as their primary. We take the rookie Jacobs and hope Gruden can keep his long run of good back’s in his offense.

Round 4

Well shit. A ton of running backs came back to us, but do not fret boys and girls. We are prepared for this. Henry, Montgomery, Ingram, Woods and Golladay. I love the tape I’ve seen from Montgomery, but I won’t go into the season with two rookie running backs if this is just a traditional redraft league. We take Henry.

Round 5

Next up, we have to go receiver. We have 3 running backs that I feel good about, and a top tier WR. The best options for us right now are tyler boyd (love), D.J. Moore (love), and then a massive gap to Mike Williams (still love) so let’s focus on the first two (fun fact, forgot to press pause and it took Mike Williams simply because I typed that). Moore has the bigger ceiling, but the lower floor while Boyd provides a pretty consistant workload. The Pitt Alum gets the nod here.

Round 6

I think these computers knew I was writing about this draft because the pool is dwindling quickly. We’re dancing around the backup territory, and for this one time a QB doesn’t look too bad in the 6th. Rodgers and Watson are both there, as is Alshon, Baker, Hunter Henry, Pettis and Anderson. Hmmmmmmmmm. I’m going Alshon for the fact that I don’t really trust the young guys yet.

Round 7

We sit at 3 wr and 3 rb, a comfortable spot to be in at this time. I really like Rashad Penny this year just because the Seahawks almost never carry the same starting Rb year over year. Ebron, Matt Ryan, Miles Sanders, Vance and Larry Fitz all make me feel warm and fuzzy, but after taking Todd Gurley that early, Darrell Henderson feels like the obvious selection here. Handcuff your worries away.

Round 8

We still need a QB and a TE, and with Ebron and Vance sitting right there, I want to decide between the two for this post. I like Vance a lot this year, he blocks well so he will be on the field almost every play and there are a lot of receptions left after Brown left the Steelers. Ebron I worry about, just mainly due to his dominance last year was geared towards his touchdowns and Jack Doyle is healthy this year. Vance wins here, call me a homer.

Round 9

Corey Davis, McCoy, the ever so lover for no reason Curtis Samuel, Jaylen Samuels and Jared Goff. We don’t have a QB yet, and Goff is set to have a solid year behind this rams team. I like the cast here, but a QB of that tier is the selection. Onwards and upwards.

Round 10

We have a full starting lineup, so good for us. We now get into the hit and miss type guys, led by Damien Harris, Sutton, Metcalf and Keke Coutee. Our WR’s are still a little wonky for me with Jones, Boyd and Jeffrey but I don’t hate where we sit. Right now, I’m looking for guys that have high floors. Sutton is set for a big year, but it worries me that Flacco is well….Flacco. I don’t like Coutee as much as most people seem to, and Metcalf is a big gawd with a hot chance at success with Baldwin leaving, but rookie wide receivers almost never hit consistantly. We go Sutton.

Round 11

Guys I’m seriously considering…Peyton Barber, who is currently the starter in Tampa. Woof. Moncrief, the Steelers WR2 who I love this year, Kalen Ballage (LOL psych), Tom Brady and Dak Prescott. Honestly, I love Prescott in Fantasy but the contract issues do worry me Let’s take our guy and be happy. Moncrief, welcome to the team.

Round 12

1 QB, 3 RB, 5 WR, 1 TE, 0 D, 0 K. This is the last round to jump on another positional player before we take out Kicker and Defense, so let’s just focus on QB and TE. I LOVE Delanie Walker and I’m positive that’s going to burn me one day hard. There’s a lot of TE depth left, so honestly let’s just focus on some QB love. To counteract our Goff, I want a guy with some mobility. The QB position is depe in most leagues, and playing the flier could win you your league. I know this might be against popular demand, but I take Lamar Jackson and don’t even think twice.

Round 13

DEFENSE (clap clap) DEFENSE. I get some guys who want to take the top defense early, but as Brooksy showed, that’s not a good idea. With that in mind, we are in the second to last round and the Texans, the Cowboys, the Broncos and the Saints D’s are all here. Easy Peasy, going with the Texans.

Round 14

OOOOOOOO MAN. ITS TIME FOR KICKER TALK! I don’t trust many of the kickers in the league to not miss kicks, so if your league still does kickers, just do a combination or “good kicker” and “good offense”. We take the GOAT Vinatieri and call it a draft.