LeBron James’ Fatherhood Doesn’t Effect Your Personal Life

Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore

Someone always has something negative to say about LeBron James.  This time it just happens to be about his parenting.


LeBron is now being criticized for being “overhyped” at his son’s basketball game.  LeBron celebrated after Bronny Jr threw down a dunk and was seen celebrating on the court with him and other players.  I mean wouldn’t you be pumped if you saw your 14-year-old son yamming on somebody?  Some have said it’s childish and disrespectful, but personally he’s just being a dad.

Sure he maybe doesn’t need to come on the court or be in the team’s lay up line, but he’s just hyping up his kid right?  Isn’t that what every young athlete wants?  

LeBron didn’t have that growing up.  He’s doing what his father never did. It may seem over the top to other people, but there’s just different styles of parenting I guess.

His reaction might be eccentric but he’s also a world famous athlete with not a single negative incident on his track record.  Out of all of the terrible fathers in the world, it shouldn’t be a problem that LeBron is too involved in his kids lives because it’s the opposite for many people across the world.

So let the man have his Taco Tuesday’s on Instagram and cheer for his sons on the sideline in peace.  There’s much worse father types he could be.  Let LeBron be the dad he wants to be and just let it go ya weirdos.

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