All jokes aside, basically the Reds and Pirates are in complete “F*** It”. We’re ten games back. The Reds are 7.5 games backed. So why not fight? Let’s take it back to the last time Puig tried to throw hands with the Pirates.

What a pretty picture. Some people forget that Puig used to be good at baseball past all the sleeveless jerseys and fights. Oh, how time flies.

Last night, the Pirates and Reds basically had a toxicity fight. I hit your guy, you throw at my guys head, my pitcher charges your bench, your guys laugh in my guys face, my guy we just traded will come out swinging. America’s pasttime.

In all seriousness, as the resident HUGE baseball fan on the bench, there is one thing I wanted to touch on slightly. I don’t think we should be tossing around memes of “If my boys don’t ride for me like Puig did there than I don’t want them!”….bruh. Puig JUST got traded. If that’s me, I am ABSOLUTELY just going swinging.

You can’t convince me that his fight actions last night weren’t just a combination of “Screw the Pirates” and the fact that he….wait for it…went down swinging!

I also just wanted to write a blog about the fight and realized I didn’t have too many opinions on the matter. Archer could have done more in the fight, but we don’t need him to bust his hand like we did the trade for him!

Ok, Ok that’s enough I get it. Honestly though, Garrett came in pretty slow. I think the three players standing there must not have thought about a moving Hurdle.

You know, cause we should move on from Clint Hurdle. Ok I’m sorry it’s over now. Just like the Pirates season.