Beyond the Arc

by Ben Fiore


Zion Williamson has been at the center of everyone’s attention since he was playing middle school basketball.  He was a star in high school and blossomed in his freshman season at Duke.  Through all of that time, everyone has been wondering which company he’d sign a shoe deal with considering he’d be the biggest star desires for a deal since LeBron James.  He finally made a decision, in Jordan.

There were 8 shoe companies throwing everything but the kitchen sink at Zion, and clearly Jordan offered him the best deal.  The actual dollar figure has not been set yet, but the potential success of the deal was enough to get Zion’s name on that dotted line.

Zion joins an elite team of Jordan sponsored NBA players like Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffen, Chris Paul, Victor Oladipo and more that all sport the Jump Man.  Although, he just might surpass all of them combined in terms of sales and contract money.  Zion is quite possibly the most highly anticipated athlete let alone basketball player of all time.  And as we all know with sports sponsorships, it’s all about the potential for the future and this kids got a TON of it.

Many may be disappointed that he didn’t go outright with Nike or Adidas, but Jordan suits Williamson.  He exudes the energy and excellence of the Jordan brand and I bet MJ is smiling ear to ear because they just might make more money off of his name than he will off of theirs.  Congrats Zion, you made it bud.  Huge shoes deal before even 1 NBA game. But there’s not a doubt in my mind he’ll prove this deal to be more than worthy of his signature.  Just watch, cuz jumpman jumpman jumpman, this boys up to somethin.