Could you get a point from Serena Williams?

Arguably the most dominate athlete of all time, Serena Williams has been dominating the tennis court for as long as I can remember. Since 2007, Williams has recorded 72 single titles, 23 double titles and has a formal singles record of 816-140.

Williams can serve the ball at 128 mph (that’s fast) and has 23 grand slam singles titles, yet for some reason 12% of British men still believe they would take a point off Serena Williams.

Look…say what you want to say. The guy who actually gets this challenge will be famous for not being able to get the point, so it’s super easy to be like “Yeah I can do that”. I mean shit, I can sit here and say I could get one punch off on Amanda Nunes, but we all know that’s a complete joke and I considered deleting that sentence mainly in the off chance she reads this and thinks I’m serious.

I think the big issue with this challenge is that…she serves the GD ball at 120+ MPH. If anything comes flaying at me over 100+ there’s about a 0.0009% chance that I’m doing something to change the course of that object. There’s a reason I’m a huge massive colossal (gigantic) baseball fan, and not a baseball player.

Long blog short…if you actually believe you can get a point off of Serena, I would like to see a video of you playing tennis. Because that shit is terrifying. Miss me with that. Please, Serena…miss me with that shot.

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